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Lord of the Rings Online Accomplishments

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Adventurer in the Upper LevelsCompassion +1
AlluringTitle: the Alluring
Ally of Ered LuinCharity +1Ered Luin
Ally of LothlórienTitle: Defender of LothlórienLothlórien
Ancient Evil of Carn DûmTitle: the FearlessCarn Dum
Ancient Stones of ForochelPatience +1Forochel
Angmarim Slayer (Forochel)Title: Enemy of Angmar, Confidence +1Forochel
Angmarim-slayerTitle: Angmar's Bane, Justice +1Angmar
Angmarim-slayer (Advanced)Confidence +1
Angmarim-slayer (Advanced) (Angmar)Justice +1
Angmarim-slayer (Angmar)Title: Doom of the Angmarim
Arms of the EnemyTitle: InfiltratorFil Gashan
Arms of the Watcher (Advanced)Discipline +1
At The ReadyAt The Ready
Avenger of SarnurTitle: Avenger of SarnurSarnur Great Hall
Awareness of BodyAwareness of Body
Bane of Fil GashanTitle: Bane of Fil Gashan
Bane of IndustryTitle: Bane of Industry
Barbed FuryBarbed Fury
Barghest-SlayerTitle: Barrow-Downs Hunter, Determination +1Bree-Land, Barrow Downs, Northern Barrow-Downs
Bastions of HopeTolerance +1Angmar
Bear-SlayerTitle: Bear-Wrestler, Fortitude +1Misty Mountains
Bear-slayer (Advanced)Fortitude +1
Beast-loreBeast-lore +1
Beast-slayerTitle: Wild HunterLothlórien
Beast-slayer (Advanced)Mercy +1Lothlórien
Beasts of the Grand StairTitle: Foe of the HighpeakThe Grand Stair
Beasts of the Grand Stair (Advanced)Empathy +1The Grand Stair
BefuddlingTitle: the Befuddling
BelovedTitle: the Beloved
Betrayer's BaneTitle: Betrayer's Bane, Justice +1Sarnur Great Hall
Bilbo's ButtonsHonesty +1Goblin-Town
Blind FuryBlind Fury
Blinded by FireTitle: the Resilient
Blinded by Fire (Advanced)Fortitude +1
Blood of NumenorBlood of Numenor
Bog Lurker-SlayerTitle: Bog-Hunter, Discipline +1Lone Land
Bog-Lurker SlayerTitle: Bog-HunterLone Land
Bountiful MercyBountiful Mercy
Braced Against DefeatBraced Against Defeat
Breakfast ExpertTitle: Breakfast Connoisseur
Bree-land AdventurerEmpathy +1, Charity +1, Loyalty +2Bree-Land
Bree-land Adventurer (advanced)Charity +1
Bree-land Adventurer (Final)Loyalty +1
Bree-land WoodsmanTitle: Root-Hewer, Fortitude +1Bree-Land, Old Forest
Bree-Land WoodsmanTitle: Root-HewerBree-Land
Brigand-SlayerTitle: Defender of the Halls, Advanced: Justice +1Ered Luin
Brigand-Slayer (Advanced-Bree-Land)Justice +1Bree-Land
Brigand-Slayer (Bree-Land)Bree-Land
Brigand-Slayer (Shire)Title: Bounders-FriendShire
Brighter DaysTitle: Spring-flinger
Brood-HunterTitle: Brood-hunter, Zeal +1Haudh Iarchith
Brutes of the Grand StairTitle: the SteadyThe Grand Stair
Brutes of the Grand Stair (Advanced)Compassion +1The Grand Stair
Bulwarks of the EnemyHonesty +1
Call of the Wild
Captain of WarCaptain of War
Captain's HopeCaptain's Hope
Captain's ValourCaptain's Valour
CarnivoreTitle: Carnivore
Carriers of the BlightTitle: Bug-stomper
Carriers of the Blight (Advanced)Patience +1
Celebrating SunshineTitle: SunshineEred Luin
Champions of Barad GúlaranTitle: Defender Against The TerrorBarad Gularan
Champions of Carn Dûm (Advanced)Title: Master of the Ashen WastesCarn Dum
Champions of Carn Dûm (Final)Title: Valour +1Carn Dum
Champions of Carn DumTitle: Warden of the Ashen WastesCarn Dum
Champions of UrugarthTitle: Defender of the Ashen Wastes
Champions of Urugarth (Advanced)Title: { Hero[m]
Champions of Urugarth (Final)Title: Champion of the Ashen Wastes, Discipline +1
City of the Lord and LadyValour +1Lothlórien, The House of Celeborn, Galadriel's Garden, Celurlin, The Company's Pavillion, Telain Galadrim, Telain Bangad, Telain Melthin, Telain Glorelloth, Telain Neduil
Combat TrapsCombat Traps
Conquest of RingdyrTitle: Conqueror of RingdyrEttenmoors
Controlled BreathingControlled Breathing
Corruption in CommandTitle: Blight-scourge, Zeal +1
Craban-SlayerTitle Feather-DusterEregion
Craban-Slayer (Advanced)Loyalty +1Eregion
Crawler-SlayerTitle: Chitin-Smasher, Determination +1Trollshaws
Critical EyeCritical Eye
Cunning WoundCunning Wound
Curator of the Forgotten TreasuryTitle: Curator of the Forgotten Treasury
Darter-masterTitle: Darter-master
Deadly PrecisionDeadly Precision
Deadly StrikesDeadly Strikes
Deeds in the WildernessInnocence +1, Loyalty +1, Idealism +2Trollshaws
Deeds in the Wilderness (advanced)Loyalty +1
Deeds in the Wilderness (final)Idealism +1
Deep DelverCharity +1
Deep LoreDeep Lore
Deep StrikesDeep Strikes
Deep-claw SlayerTitle: Beak-breaker
Deep-claw Slayer (Advanced)Tolerance +1
Defences of the Lone-landsFidelity +1Lone Land
Defender of Bree-LandBree-Land