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Lord of the Rings Online Blaghorsha

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LocationS 24.8, W 55.8
Drops Item(s)
Found in Zones
Description- Paths quite a way, also spotted at 24.4S, 56.7W.
Map of Bree-Land Click an Icon to Link


Blaghorsha <2008-12-22 06:16:07>
Scanner <Guest>This mob now drops a Sapphire Shard along with a nice cloak.

Blaghorsha No-Show <2009-01-28 03:37:17>
Vexana <Guest>I waited and waited for him and he never showed up. I ran around the entire area for over an hour and still nothing.

Same here - no Blaghorsha <2009-01-31 01:49:48>
Lura <Guest>Yeah, ran around 30 mins but the big guy didnt show up. Maybe they changed it? Or do you need a quest to find him?

Blaghorsha <2009-02-23 01:27:28>
Tut <Guest>Found him as the map indicates 22.2.2009

he is there <2009-03-07 04:11:47>
2H <Guest>24.7S, 56.0W on March 6, 2009

Shard <2009-03-25 05:53:32>
Bainen <Guest>I just killed him at 24.4S, 56.7W. He dropped the shard and Swift Great Metal Club. He was walking towards the ruins on the ledge.

Blaghorsha <2009-04-25 07:21:28>
china <Guest>I killed him twice at this point.

<2009-06-22 12:26:21>
grimlor <Guest>Killed him a little bit to the east of here next to the small ruins. Dropped the shard along with spiked hand axe

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