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Lord of the Rings Online Naegarch

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RaceSpiders and Insects
LocationS 24.8, W 96.1
Drops Item(s)
Found in Zones
Map of Ered Luin Click an Icon to Link


sdfdsgf <2008-04-04 04:00:03>
butthole <Guest>cool it helped me alot

nurd <2008-04-05 02:49:51>
Best way to get saphire shards. I went there todat and omfg....3 noobs camping there and w8ing for the spawn -_________-

<2008-04-13 02:56:05>
Skil <Guest>Well went there and got it within a minute :D

sapphire shard <2008-04-26 23:01:14>
Gheti_ <Guest>saw these posts and went to see for myself. My lvl 25 captain left the area 2 hours later with 11 of the shards in his backpack... not sure if i did something special or not, but i cleared the place out, and the spiders seemed to spawn in a weird pattern b4 Naegarch appeared. later that night i got another shard from the tarkrip camp in northern bree land on my way to north downs(the one on the left, not the right)

Spawn Time <2008-04-30 03:24:50>
qwerty <Guest>Spawns at the above loc exactly 3 minutes after he dies. Came away with 10 shards in 30mins :)

Re:Spawn Time <2008-05-02 05:26:31>
Theomusis it a night spawn?

<2008-05-04 03:33:33>
Pevs <Guest>Not seen her since 1.07, waited 20minutes and tried clearing the area of spiders multiple times

I think they changed it too <2008-05-11 04:20:09>
Nyms <Guest>brought my dwarf guard out to clear up the deeds in Erid luin and no shard spidy to be seen. it used to respawn on 12minute timer but no more

Cant find it <2008-05-18 17:16:37>
Northor <Guest>

<2008-05-22 01:13:48>
Sapped <Guest>He is still there. not on a short respawn though

Spider <2008-06-04 23:40:19>
Geddrik <Guest>I killed him last week, dropped the shard but after an hour he never spawned again. I killed all the spiders over and over but no re-spawn :(

Long spawn <2008-06-16 00:57:32>
Gil <Guest>I have been at the location 50 minutes and it didnt spawn...

<2008-06-30 01:11:54>
Clayman <Guest>cant find this guy every time i go and look... ive gone day and night and he's never there and never spawns... i know im in the right spot any reason he aint there?

:P <2008-07-31 14:47:18>
Ciao <Guest>After about 1-1/2 hours of killing spawn after spawn of annoying little spiders, Naegarch finally decided to show...

Spider <2008-09-26 06:53:57>
Elnorel <Guest>Killed spiders for like 8 advanced deeds allready. First he spawned after I cleared the spider glade a few times,.. killed him, then he spawned again 5 minutes after that. Then Enthusiastically I might add, i fought for about an hour and a half and he didnt spawn again.

<2008-10-14 06:33:28>
Sam <Guest>I got super lucky and ran up there. Waited behind two guys who got fed up and left. 30 seconds after they left Naegarch showed up. Apparently now it is on a 24hr timer.

<2009-02-01 03:14:03>
Dawg <Guest>Use to be every 3 min. Now it seems random in both loc and time. Have had 2 close together, and none for many visits. Also, both inside and outside the spider glade, but always in that general area. Might be event linked?

Naegarchs shard <2009-03-03 03:45:10>
Stephen <Guest>Just went in maybe im lucky got it within rist few times of emtying out nest

<2009-06-24 00:52:19>
Andereg <Guest>Just spent 45 minutes in the spider&#039;s nest and outside near Southern Barricade and no Naegarch.

<2009-06-27 23:47:30>
Guest <Guest>Cleared the area and sure enough, Naegarch makes an appearance. It is still there.

<2009-09-05 05:18:20>
Eli <Guest>I killed 3 of him in no more than 5 minutes. I believe that they were all up at the same time, because as I cleared the camp, I came across 3, all in different locations.

Naegarch <2009-09-16 05:22:33>
Albranigan <Guest>The fastest (so far) of the signature creatures to appear that drops a sapphire shard. I&#039;ve gotten about 6 from her(?). It takes killing 50 to 100 of the spiders in the area, then she appears. If you&#039;re lucky, it&#039;ll be like the first time I tried: I killed about 10 spiders and she spawned.

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