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Lord of the Rings Online Tarburz

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Sub NameWood-Troll
LocationS 22.4, W 41.5
Drops Item(s)
Related Quest(s)
Found in Zones
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Tarbuz in wrong spot on the map <2007-05-10 05:59:33>
Justice <Guest>He should be located at 22.4S, 41.5W. In the forest area SW of where he is on this map.

Justice Correct <2007-05-13 03:58:02>
Scrilla <Guest>Yup... I found him in the patch of trees just SW of the spot indicated.

icons <2007-07-03 05:25:37>
blackie <Guest>what does the icon in the quest log mean for this quest, it isent the normal fellowship icon its liek 3 coulered flames or something?

Re:Icons <2007-11-04 07:56:14>
Krizz <Guest>The icon is for a 'small fellowship'. The quest is lvl 20. The mob is a 20 Signature. If it was a 20 Elite, it would probably have the normal fellowship icon. All it means is that it will only take a couple people to take down.

what Ruby shard? <2007-12-20 06:01:37>
MustardseedTarburz is a quest mob, the quest mobs DO NOT DROP ANY SHARDS! A ruby shard drops from a different non-quest signature wood-troll who also spawns in that area, Durharna.

<2008-04-09 04:04:26>
Jeroboam <Guest>Found him NE of the spot over the pond

Where abouts he really is! <2009-02-07 05:25:35>
machineman2 <Guest>he is over the other side of the pond to the map icon. Oh and he throws rocks at you. What a nutter!

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