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Lord of the Rings Online Bestiary: Zone - Andrath

NameTypeXP LevelZone
Biting Neeker-BreekerNormal
11Andrath, Bree-Land, Halecatch Lake
Blackwold RaiderNormal
8, 13Bree-Land, Chetwood, Andrath
Fair ShermanSignature
15Andrath, Bree-Land, South-Guard Ruins
Frenzied LongtoothNormal
11, 12Bree-Fields, Bree-Land, Andrath
Half-orc BruiserNormal
13, 14Andrath, Bree-Land, South-Guard Ruins
Half-Orc FighterNormal
13Andrath, Bree-Land
Half-orc RuffianNormal
13, 14Andrath, Bree-Land
Half-orc SentryNormal
13Andrath, Bree-Land, South-Guard Ruins
Marsh Neeker-BreekerNormal
11, 12Andrath, Bree-Land, Bree-FIelds
Patric BilberrySignature
14Bree-Land, Andrath
Restless LongtoothNormal
11Andrath, Bree-Fields, Bree-Land
Southern ArcherNormal
13, 14Andrath, Bree-Fields, Bree-Land, South-Guard Ruins
Southern Blade-BearerNormal
13, 14Bree-Land, Andrath
Southern BrawlerNormal
13, 14Andrath, Bree-Land, South-Guard Ruins
Southern KnaveNormal
13Andrath, Bree-Land, South Guard Ruins