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Lord of the Rings Online Bestiary: Zone - Blackwold Camp

NameTypeXP LevelZone
10Archet, Blackwold Camp, Green Hill Country, Bree-Land, Instance: The Hideout, Instance: To a Ranger's Aid, Instance: Unravelling The Thread
Blackwold LackeyNormal
1Blackwold Camp
Blackwold RuffianNormal
1, 7Blackwold Camp, Instance: The Hideout
Celandine Brandybuck
0Archet, Blackwold Camp, Instance: The Assault on Archet, Bree-Land, Buckland
0Blackwold Camp
Mundo Sackville-Baggins
0Blackwold Camp, Instance: The Assault on Archet, Little Delving, Shire