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Lord of the Rings Online Bestiary: Zone - Kheledul

NameTypeXP LevelZone
Dourhand ArmsmanNormal
Dwarf Brigand
10Haudh Lin, Instance: To Avert A War, Kheledul, Ered Luin
Dourhand CommanderNormal
Dwarf Brigand
11Kheledul, Ered Luin
Dourhand WarriorNormal
Dwarf Brigand
9Ered Luin, Low Lands, Ringdale, Kheledul
Murderous DourhandNormal
12Ered Luin, Kheledul
11Ered Luin, Haudh Lin, Kheledul
Stout DourhandNormal
Dwarf Brigand
11Ered Luin, Kheledul, Instance: To Avert A War