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Lord of the Rings Online Bestiary: Zone - Nan Tornaeth

NameTypeXP LevelZone
Blighted Mountain-BearNormal
38, 39Nan Tornaeth, Trollshaws, Bruinen Gorges
Trollshaws, Nan Tornaeth
Corcur SkirmisherNormal
38, 39Nan Tornaeth, Trollshaws, Amon Varadh, Ost Chall
Curr-Olog MurdererElite
42Nan Tornaeth, Trollshaws
Curr-Olog SlaughtererElite
42Nan Tornaeth, Trollshaws
Deadly Blight-WormNormal
39, 40Nan Tornaeth, Trollshaws
Stone-Troll BlighterElite
38, 39, 40Nan Tornaeth, Trollshaws
Stone-Troll SentinelElite
39Nan Tornaeth, North Downs
Vile Corpse-RatSwarm
38Nan Tornaeth, Trollshaws, Ost Brandras
Wight Dread-warriorNormal
38, 40Nan Tornaeth, Trollshaws, Amon Varadh