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Lord of the Rings Online Bestiary: Zone - Northern Barrow-downs

NameTypeXP LevelZone
Barrow-Wight ArcherNormal
10, 11, 12, 16Bree-Land, Ered Luin, Haudh Lin, Northern Barrow-Downs
Barrow-Wight SlaveSignature
15Barrow-Downs, Bree-Land, Northern Barrow-Downs
Barrow-Wight WarriorNormal
15Bree-Land, Northern Barrow-Downs
Biting Field-RatSwarm
14Bree-Land, Northern Barrow-Downs, Ringdor's Barrow
Bob (Barrow-downs)
Bree-land, Northern Barrow-downs
Creeping Barrow-CrawlerNormal
14Bree-Land, Northern Barrow-Downs
Reginald Sickleweed
Bree-land, Northern Barrow-downs
Sal Haywood
Bree-land, Northern Barrow-downs
Slimy Barrow-CrawlerNormal
14Bree-Land, Northern Barrow-Downs, Northern Barrows Pass
Strong-Grip BarghestNormal
15, 16, 17Bree-Land, Northern Barrow-Downs, Southern Barrow-Downs
Tainted Field-RatSwarm
16Bree-Land, Northern Barrow-Downs, Southern Barrow-Downs
Tobold Leafcutter
Bree-land, Northern Barrow-downs
Vile BarghestNormal
14, 15, 16Bree-Land, Barrow-Downs, Northern Barrow-Downs
Wight PrinceSignature
14Bree-Land, Northern Barrow-Downs