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Lord of the Rings Online Burglar Guide

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NameBurglar Guide

LotRO Burglar Guide

This is just a basic leveling guide for the Burglar class. If you are looking for an in-depth guide up to level 60, I recommend this LotRO Burglar Guide.

Regions According to Level

Leveling in LotRO is remarkably easy and doesn't take too long. There are hundreds upon hundreds of quests available to you, regardless of your playstyle. You can reach level 60 without ever joining a fellowship, though you would miss out on many fun quests if you do so. Similarly, there are many challenging quests that require folks to work together towards a common goal. Learning how to play a Burglar well in solo situations is great, but you're not maximizing your class's full potential if you completely stick to one playstyle.

Level 1-10: Starter areas, east Bree-land

Welcome to Middle-earth! During your first six levels you'll be in a tutorial instance, where you're with other beginners but are secluded from the rest of the "real" world. For Men and Hobbits, this tutorial area is Archet, in Bree-land. When you finish the tutorial, you'll be in one of two starter areas depending on your race. Men remain in Archet and move on to Staddle and Combe, while Hobbits are transported to Little Delving and eventually make their way through the rest of the Shire. These initial ten levels fly extremely quickly, and you can get to 10 within a couple of hours.

If you cringe at the thought of questing in say, the Shire, then mosey over to one of the other starter areas. It costs a cheap one silver to ride to any of the starter areas, including Thorin's Hall (Dwarves) and Celondim (Elves). While you're at it, click on the glowing blue horse icon over the Stable-master's head. This unlocks this stable for future use. Although all four starter area stables are available to you from the start, from now on you must first discover a stable in order to unlock it.

When you arrive in the "real" world, you're given a map, which you click on to return to your home base. This home base is determined by setting it on a milestone, which is found in nearly every major town and outpost. The map is on a one-hour cooldown, so use it sparingly. You'll also receive the Prologue quests, which build the foundation for the Book Quests, the epic storyline that involves you following a step or two behind Frodo, Boromir, and the rest of the Fellowship. However, expect to encounter a few detours along the way, especially during the later Books. As of this writing, there are two Volumes, with 15 Books from the original Shadows of Angmar game, and seven Books from the Mines of Moria. In this guide, I'll refer to the Book quests by Volume, Book, and Chapter (e.g. 1.10.3 is Volume 1, Book 10, Chapter 3).

Level 11-20: West Bree-land, West Lone-lands

Sooner or later, everyone ends up in Bree-town. Set your map to the milestone located outside the famous Prancing Pony, where Frodo and the other Hobbits first met the mysterious Strider. Pick up all the quests in town and start adventuring! Explore all of Bree-land, where more quests await you. Around level 10ish you may want to get started on Volume 1.1. Some parts you may be able to do at this level, but you'll have to gain a few more levels when you hit the middle chapters of the book. When you reach 1.1.11 you'll need a fellowship to complete the quest.

When you reach level 15, visit your Burglar trainer to start your first class quest, "A Thief in the Night".

At around level 16ish the Bree-land quests may start to run out, so head east towards the Lone-lands and start on your Forsaken Inn quests. This is a great place to gain three or so levels because the NPCs inside offer tons of quests. What's even better is that many of the quest requirements require killing the same mobs, and one mob can drop multiple items for several quests.

This is just a basic introduction to the class. If you are looking for an in-depth guide up to level 60, I recommend this Burglar Guide.


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