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Lord of the Rings Online Commands, Aliases and Macros

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NameCommands, Aliases and Macros

A special thanks to Malavhe of The Sanctuary for providing us with this guide
I wrote a tutorial for the CM forums, which can be found here
For those who do not have acess to the EU beta forum here it is:

Just like DDO, LotRO has an /alias function.
This very basic macro allows players to store long messages or commands in a shorthand format.
Furthermore, LotRO has a /shortcut command which maps a message, emote, alias or command to a quickslot.

The alias command consists of two parts, the ID and the TEXT.
The ID is always preceded by a ;
The general structure of the command is:
/alias ;ID TEXT
An example:
/alias ;x Hello World
Invoked via the chat input:
[Say]Bob says: 'Hello World'

Multiple aliases may be strung together:
/alias ;h Hello
/alias ;w World
/alias ;hw ;h ;w
[Say]Bob says: 'Hello World'
See post 'Simple Examples' further below for more on this

If one of the under-alias is changed the top-alias is also altered:
/alias ;w Walter
[Say]Bob says: 'Hello Walter'

Emotes and aliases
A single command or emote may be incorporated into an alias at the beginning of the TEXT.
Any command not in the beginning will be rendered as plain text.
Text following an emote will, as usual, replace the standard emote message.
/alias ;f /flirt
Other player Sue is targeted
Bob flirts with Sue
/alias ;joey says: How u' doin'?
/alias ;fj ;f ;joey
Performs flirt emote Bob says: How u' doin'?
Sue is not mentioned as she would be in the standard emote
/alias ;fd /flirt Lets dance /dance
Bob Lets dance /dance
Performs flirt emote but displays '/dance' as part of the message in chat

Chat and aliases
You can use aliases to send /tells to a specific person:
/alias ;ts /t Sue
;ts Hi!
[Tell]Bob tells Sue: 'Hi!'

It is possible to create /alias that automatically sends to a specified channel,
while the chat input will remain in the current channel
/alias ;b /k Can't answer, busy at the moment!
To Fellowship: ;b
[Kinship]Bob says: Can't answer, busy at the moment!
To Fellowship:

Commands and aliases
You can use other /commands than emotes too:
/alias ;i /invite
Waiting for player to accept or decline invitation
/alias ;fa /friend add
;fa Sue
Sue has been added to your list of friends
For e.g. /friend, /follow and /invite the name must be added manually
or incorporated into the TEXT part of the alias.
It might be possible to get around this by creating aliases with ;target in the TEXT, this does not work atm,
if anyone can shed some light on this please post.

Managing aliases
List all aliases in standard text window:
/alias list
Delete all aliases
/alias clear
Remove a specified alias ;x
/alias remove ;x

Unlike DDO, LotRO does not support markup tags like [u] or [p].
Please change this Turbine.

Based onThe power of aliases. Where I learned /alias.

The shortcut command consists of two parts, the location, LOC, and the TEXT.
The general structure of the command is:
/shortcut LOC TEXT
LOC is a number between 1 and 48
corresponding to a quickslot:

Quickslot Bar LOC
Normal_____1 - 12
Ctrl________13 - 24
Alt ________25 - 36
Shift_______37 - 48

Just as with aliases a single /command may be placed at the beginning of the TEXT.
The TEXT may be one or more aliases.
/shortcut 25 /mood_apprehensive
/shortcut 26 /flirt nods and ;joey
/shortcut 27 /tell MinstrelMax Heal plz!
/shortcut 28 ;b

Bob is apprehensive of Sue
Bob nods and says: How u' doin'?
[Tell]Bob tells MinstrelMax: 'Heal plz!'
[Kinship]Bob says: Can't answer, busy at the moment!

/shortcut are static, meaning they will remain as whatever they were when created.
To shortcut aliases that change like the built in NSWE coordinate alias ;loc
or the ;hw in the beginning of this thread you use an alias function:
/alias shortcut ;ID LOC
/alias shortcut ;loc 13
12.3N, 45.6W
In this command there is no / infront of shortcut.

Unfortunatly there is currently no way to make a shortcut apply to a target
since there is no inbuilt ;target alias.

Hopefully you can use this to make it a little easier to roleplay or to communicate quickly.
Shorten that mouthful Lairelithoniel to ;l
And you no longer have any excuse for writing heal plz, when ;h, could do it.

P.S. I reserve the right to be wrong about details and to change them.
Please help contribute useful bits. Thank you.


Simple Examples

Bob is tired of using the Social panel to invite people to f'ships and /invite is to long:
/alias ;i /invite
;i Sue
Waiting for player to accept or decline invitation
Sue has joined your fellowship

Bob sends alot of /tells to Sue's alt Lairelithoniel
but doesn't use the IM chat, he shortens it:
/alias ;tl /t Lairelithoniel
;tl Hi!
[Tell]Bob tells Lairelithoniel 'Hi!'

Combining emotes with your own text:
Bob wants to throw a snappy salute when an Officer gives an order:
/alias ;s /salute
Bob salutes Officer
/alias ;ss ;s snaps a salute and shouts *Yes Sir!"
Perfors salute emote
Bob snaps a salute and shouts "Yes Sir!"

Notice how I included 'snaps a salute and shouts',
this is because a change overwrites the standard emote message.
Just remember to include 'say' or whatever action you are performing before the spoken words.

Multiple alias
/alias ;mp My preciousss....
/alias ;tb Thief! Baggins!
/alias ;sf /shakefist
;mp ;tb He stole ;mp ;sf
[Say]Gollum says: My preciousss.... Thief! Baggins! He stole My preciousss.... /shakefist

Notice how '/shakefist' becomes text instead of Gollum performing an emote,
that is because any /command including emotes has to be at the front.
Lets try again:
;sf ;tb
Gollum performs shakefist emote
Gollum Thief! Baggins!

That sentence lacked any verb, that is because we traded the standard message for our own.
You need to bind such things together yourself.
;sf shouts: ;tb
Gollum performs shakefist emote
Gollum shouts: Thief! Baggins!

We then combine the different aliases into one:
/alias ;rant ;sf shouts ;tb and wails Oh ;mp ;mp
Gollum performs shakefist emote
Gollum shouts: Thief! Baggins! and wails Oh My preciousss.... My preciousss....

Finally we decide to lock our little rant to a quickslot. How about shift+1
/shortcut 37 ;rant

If you want to use /alias and /shortcut alot you'll of course do this:
/alias ;a /alias
;a ;key /shortcut

Advanced Example

Top/under aliases
I refer to aliases that are constructed of other aliases as top-aliases and the building blocks as under-aliases.
Just above, ;rant was a top-alias and ;mp was a under-alias.
As seen in the first post, changing a under-alias also changes the top-alias.
This gives us some power.

We can create aliases where we know that one part will be different
/alias ;hx /bow says: Hello ;x
/alias ;x Sue
Performs bow Bob says: Hello Sue
/alias ;x Max
Performs bow Bob says: Hello Max

This is the way to easily get e.g. a name into your custom message.
But typing the alias command each time is alot of work,
lets us the ability to alias a command, we'll alias /alias itself:
/alias ;n /alias ;x

;x is our variable, it is set by typing:
;n "What x should be"

Now we will use the under-alias ;x in the middle of a longer sentence
/alias ;hx /bow says: Hello ;x How are you doing?
Performs bow Bob says: Hello "What x should be" How are you doing?

Oops! Lets change it.
;n Sue
or for Sue's alt Lairelithoniel
;n ;l
Performs bow Bob says: Hello Lairelithoniel How are you doing?

Now, there is a problem when a top-alias is shortcutted using /shortcut
The output from the quickslot stays the same even though the under-alias is changed.
This is when the alias sub-function shortcut comes inhandy.
We know already that it follows the pattern
/alias shortcut ;ID LOC

It's simple, just remember that now the key, LOC, comes last
and that there is no / infront of shortcut
/alias shortcut ;hx 13
Performs bow Bob says: Hello Lairelithoniel How are you doing?
;n Sue
Performs bow Bob says: Hello Sue How are you doing?


Good guide <2007-11-10 23:19:21>
<Guest>I am not very technically minded but your guide is the easiest to understand i have found. hats off to you sir

Thanks! <2007-11-27 22:21:33>
Rconsole <Guest>Very well done! make things a lot easier, thank you

<2007-12-06 23:18:48>
<Guest>didn't understand a word

Thanks <2007-12-10 02:01:53>
Emloch <Guest>Thank you for posting this. However I see that when you string emotes and speech together, when you utilize the alias, it doesn't seperate the speech from the emote. e.g. ;ch to me is to /cheer and to say "Good Show", however when ;ch is typed my avatar does cheer (the animation) and in the chat window, saya Good show. However there should be 2 seperate enteries in the chat window. One saying that I've cheered (and who I've cheered for if targeting someone) and the second entry say ing the I "say" Good show. I only get the cheer animation and the "says" message is the color of an emote and I get no PSeech bubble above my head. I wonder if there is another way to correct this.

<2008-01-07 23:41:42>
ewenn <Guest>i understand what this is about but where does it say anything about crafting? this is just emotes and speech...

<2008-02-05 15:47:48>
<Guest>at present there is ;target for getting what ever you're targetting. /alias ;takeLeft I take the ;target on the left ;takeLeft ??? says: I take the Neekerbeeker on the left And btw. "Heal plz" sounds a little childish to my ear if you would use aliases for that why not make it something proper. If it is only one line in length you can't say its flooding. You could say Lift my morale | I need healing | Time to have some rest | This makes me hungry etc...

<2008-08-13 22:48:43>
<Guest>Very nice! I knew about the /alias and all. But not about the /shortcut. That'll help a lot as well! Very nice!!!

rename <2008-08-30 22:07:00>
arnur <Guest>I found very useful the cmommands posted here, i want to know how i can rename the items, for example, the "beryl", some players can change it to "50 beryl's", just change the name, i hope somebody can tell me because i be tried all kind of commands and i cant do it.

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