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Lord of the Rings Online Epic Quests

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NameEpic Quests
In order to keep in line with the in-game naming conventions all of our Epic quests are named exactly as they appear in-game. Unfortunately because each and every Book quest starts with its own Chapters, it is hard to search and see which Chapters belong to which book. This page makes that an easier process. While this page only links to the first Chapter in each book, the first Chapter contains an index to every other Chapter in the quest.

Book 1: Chapter 1: Unravelling The Thread

Book 2: Chapter 1: The Red Swamp

Book 3: Chapter 1: Ranger of the Fields

Book 4: [quest]Chapter 1: Where is the Horse and the Rider?[/quest]

Book 5: Chapter 1: Into the Misty Mountains

Book 6: Chapter 1: Of Golodir and Angmar

Book 7:

Book 8: Chapter 1: The Flickering Flame

Book 9:

Book 10: Chapter 1: The Champion of Angmar

Book 11: Chapter 1: Watching the Roads

Book 12:

Book 13: Chapter 1: The Northword Road

Book 14: Chapter 1: The Long Road South


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