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Lord of the Rings Online How Can I Submit My Character And Compare Items?

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NameHow Can I Submit My Character And Compare Items?
Two of the nicer features of our web site that many people do not quite understand how to use are our Character system and the ability to compare your equipped items to any item in our database by mousing over it's name. The purpose of this guide is to make it easy for our readers to understand how to take create and take advantage of these features.

The first thing you will need to do it to Register an account and login. This is done in the upper part of of left hand navigation bar. Enter a username and password and either click the Login button or the Register button, depending on if you already have an existing account or if you need to create one. If your browser supports cookies it will remember your credentials after the account is created and log you in automatically from that point on.

Once you are registered and logged in you will be presented with several new options below the general purpose search at the top of the left hand navigation bar. One of these is Submit Data (Form. Click that button. You will then be given a drop down list of the different databases that you can submit to for our site. In this case you should select the Characters database and click the Submit button.

You will then be brought to a submission form which lets you choose your characters name, level, class and server. You will also see drop down menus to allow you to easily select the equipment you have in each slot of your character from our database. If you have a piece of equipment that isn't in our database, feel free to submit it using the automated form. Once you have all of your gear selected you should hit the Submit button to save your character. It should be noted that characters will not go online immediately, all content is subject to approval. This generaly occurs within 8-24 hours. Once it does your character will appear in the Characters section and other players will be able to view it. When you view your character you will notice an Embed in HTML link to the right of your name. This will give you some HTML code so that you may link in any HTML site to your characters listing.

Now that you have a character created you should click the Edit My Content button from the main menu. This will allow you to edit any content that you have submitted to us, including your characters and any guides (such as this one) that you may have submitted. It also allows you to Pick Your Main Character so hit that button. You can then choose which of your characters is your primary character. Do so and hit the submit button. From then on any item that you mouse over will compare your currently equipped item to the item you have moused over.

We hope you enjoy this feature of our web site.


Half done <2008-06-11 04:17:32>
<Guest>Will the character system ever be updated? Way too many items aren't linked to it rendering it pretty useless. And too many of the ones that are have that ugly '?'. The character system could have been one of the best tools out there but it was never completed. :(

adult movies <2008-09-11 09:50:49>
Willem <Guest>Thank you for your site. I have found here much useful information...D

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