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Lord of the Rings Online The Tactics of Champions! Part I

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NameThe Tactics of Champions! Part I
Hello all! From me, Marrok of the Embers Kinship on Laurelin server. This guide is a general \"what works for me\" tactical guide to playing a Champion :)

Fervour? ok lets start with that, a great toggle skill but also the bane of a badly played champ! dismissing all block/parry/evade chances in exchange for heavier damage and power regen. Personally I only have it turned off when acting as tank in liue of a guardian when in fellowships. When I\'m out soloing I always have it on, why? because of that damage and power bonus! Kill it before it kills me! :D

So we have no parry evade or block if we use fervour! What can us champs do? Well, there\'s a funky skill, commonly overlooked by higher level champs, Exchange of Blows is always the second button I press! the first being to ramp up the fervour for the first attack. Exchange of blows, although only doing little bits of damage per attack recieved, is damage...its what I call \"a champions block/evade/parry\" hah.

Ok thats fervour covered, now what about weapons?
Always use weapons that your race gets a bonus with via traits. Personally I like swords anyway so i am bias in that regard. Use 2 handed swords/axes for when in a fellowship and you are the damage dealer, and dual wield when you are soloing, ofcourse sometimes its more viable to use the other way around depending on what the weapon stats are.

Bows, great for pulling when you\'re on your own, and for any additonal bonuses that bow might have! However, always unequip it when you are in a fellowship doing elites etc. because you will get pauses when fighting/moving where you are just out of melee range! NOT GOOD! :P

Ok now the triky one - Shields, I personally have always carried a shield just incase I need to cut and run, I do not have the heavy shield trait equipped, it is a wast of a trait slot in my opinion, however I do keep a crit\'ed high end shield on me for those moments where you really do need to get that boost of armour and run like the clappers. i really do not think that a champion should sacrifice dual wield or 2handed for no reason, I class a shield as my extra Sudden Defence. Adding block while I run from the big nasty trolls :P

Thus concludes Part I, will get part II done shortly :) hope it was of use!
Marrok Corvus of Gondor
En-RP Laurelin


<2007-08-05 17:05:43>
Orolin <Guest>Some very good tips here. I also have the Fervour-toggle on almost constantly. And Exchange of Blows really does help in combat. But I've found that you really need a kickass two handed weapon to make up for the melee efficiency of dual-wielding with, say, two maces or two axes. I personaly use dual-wield because of the DPS and melee efficiency.

<2007-08-14 01:44:40>
Durakili <Guest>Good points- but here are two more: 1) At the upper end, the heavy shields carry enough extra armour to give a significant advantage over regular shields: Of the ones listed here, the top heavy gives 628, while the top regular is about 220(ish) 2) For the DW vs 2H arg: pick the one you like the best, and give you the most buffs. Tests have shown that, in a short fight, DW is better, while 2H wins in the longer fights. Think about multitasking your weapons: a nice combo is spear and mace: the spear gives bleed debuffs, while the mace gives the stun chance. In the end, its what you prefer..

Weapons? <2007-11-06 22:12:38>
Skeetz <Guest>I'm fairly new to the game. I was just giving it the 10 day trial period to see how I liked it. Because I played a Rogue and a Warrior so much in WoW, the champion seemed like the most familiar, and I love it. Regarding weapons though... is there a right/wrong way to equip weapons while dual wielding? Slow mainhand, fast offhand perhaps? Slow/Medium? Slow/Slow? Any advice would be appreciated

<2007-11-20 22:41:50>
Bearmug <Guest>Whatever weapons you use you always hit with both at same time at the average speed of weapons equipped. So, if you have really slow weapon, you might want to put a fast one in offhand to speed up your attacks. Also, faster your attacks are, more specials you can use which usually means your power in longer fights will drain too quickly. As was said, daggers (fastest weapons) drain so much power you can't believe it :).

Tactics of Champs <2008-07-09 23:08:59>
Liderien <Guest>I have for the last 45 lvls always used fervour until recently. I have been fighting without it when soloing and found it to be more beneficial. I now only use fervour when fellowing with my gaming companion which happens to be none other than a guardian. He takes my damage while I deal it. It has worked out rather well. I too prefer the dual welding. I tried the two handed axe and absolutely hated it after being able to deal damage faster with my mace and sword. The shield is useless in my opinion. I play this toon much like that of a monk in D&D. I wish it was more like the monk than it is. What an awesome toon it would be then. The champ was my first toon on LOTRO and I find it to be my favorite only because it was my first and because I am comfortable with playing her. Thank you for the post, its nice to see others with such care on these things. Take care

Equipment <2009-04-06 00:21:36>
Diepen <Guest>An overview of equipment would be a good compliment to this, especially a listing of the best player made gear sets at the level plateaus (starting at the level 21 set as before that gear is a minor issue).

Champion skills ect <2009-06-11 21:41:38>
Halddir <Guest>hey like the post but i think that you also miss a very good toggle skill : Glory with new legendary weapons you can make it only at -5% damage. i find this good for the moors and also soloing harder mobs. thx

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