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Lord of the Rings Online Traits, What Are They?

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NameTraits, What Are They?
One of the most common questions that young players have is just what is a Trait? Many players will earn traits during the course of their adventures, primarily from completing Deeds, but they have no idea how to equip them or choose them. This guide is aimed at helping those players understand what Traits are and how to use them.

Traits enhance your character, usually giving them permanent bonuses while they are slotted, but sometimes also granting additional abilities. Some examples of this are the Upper Cut trait, which grants a special attack while slotted, or the Champion\'s Heavy Shield Use trait, which allows them to use heavy shields while it is slotted. In most cases though a trait will give three passive bonuses to certain stats or it will enhance a special attack.

There are four types of Traits: Virtue, Class, Race, and Legendary.

Virtues are typically earned from general deeds and use a plus system. Deeds are also known as Accomplishments, which was their original name and is what they are linked as in our database. Each deed will grant a bonus such as or Idealism +2. The plus value is what is added to your existing value for that virtue. You start with all values at zero. So if you complete a deed which grants Valour +1 then you now receive the ability to slot Valour as into one of your Virtue slots. If you later complete a deed that grants Valour +2 then you now have a total of Valour +3. Each level increases the bonuses that you receive from that Trait.

Class traits are specific to your class and are gained by using your special attacks. Every so often new class deeds become available. An example would be to land 1000 blows with Wild Attack. Once you have done this you will receive a Class Trait which usually will enhance the special ability.

Race traits are typically gained by slaying an enemy of your race. There are multiple levels of them and you can not progress to the next level of it until you have gained sufficient level, and completed the previous levels of that race.

Legendary traits are the final type and are obtained by completing collections which drop from level 40+ humanoid monsters.

So you have some traits, but how do you equip them? You can add to or modify your slotted traits by visiting a Bard. These are denoted by the guitar symbol on your in-game maps and are available in most cities. They are often in the inns. At early levels you only have three virtue, one class and one race slot available. As you gain levels the remaining slots will slowly open up. You can mouse over a slot to see when it becomes available. The bards will charge a fee every time you change your traits.

We hope that this guide has provided you with a reasonable understanding of how traits work. Now get in game and start completing some of those deeds and enhancing your character!


but.. <2007-07-30 16:24:19>
Tzorion <Guest>what does Line bonus mean at the class traits?

Line bonus <2007-08-09 00:53:17>
Parthus <Guest>Different types of skills are grouped into different categories or "Lines". Champions, for example, you have the Strike line and AOE line. A 2% bonus to AOE line will increase Blade Wall, Blade Storm and Cleave damage by 2%

Line bonus <2007-11-14 20:17:41>
Guest <Guest>how many traits do we need to have equipped to get the line bonus?

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