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Lord of the Rings Online Items

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NameType SlotLevelStats
Burnished Ancient HelmHeavy ArmourHead47Vitality: 29, Armor: 99
'Above Weathertop' Decoration RecipeRecipe: Scholar
'Ancestral Bonds' ThemeFurniture0
'Autumn Ale' ThemeFurniture0
'Celebrimbor' StatueYard  (Small Yard Decoration)
'East of the Sea' ThemeFurniture0
'Ered Luin' ThemeFurniture0
'Gil-Galad' StatueYard  (Small Yard Decoration)
'Hailing Hero' StatueYard  (Small Yard Decoration)
'Hills Of The Shire' ThemeFurniture
'King's Effigy' StatueYard  (Small Yard Decoration)
'Lament for Oakenshield' ThemeMusic  (Ambient Music Decoration)0
'Lay of the Free Peoples' ThemeMusic  (Ambient Music Decoration)
'Lithe Days' Wall0
'Lothl√≥rien' ThemeMusic  (Ambient Music Decoration)
'Luthien' StatueYard  (Small Yard Decoration)
'Mithlond' ThemeFurniture0
'Noble Offering' StatueYard  (Small Yard Decoration)
'Of Mysteries Most Profound' RecipeRecipe: Scholar
'Orb and Sword' StatueYard  (Small Yard Decoration)
'Prancing Pony' ThemeFurniture0
'Ready for Battle' StatueYard  (Small Yard Decoration)
'Rivendell' ThemeMusic  (Ambient Music Decoration)0
'Scholar's Writ' RecipeRecipe: Scholar
'Shore Glimpse' Decoration RecipeRecipe: Scholar
'Silent Hope' ThemeFurniture
'Spring Festival ThemeMusic  (Ambient Music Decoration)
'Standing Tall' StatueYard  (Small Yard Decoration)
'A Study of the Unknown' RecipeRecipe: Scholar
'Summerdays' Wall0
'Summerfest' Wall0
'The Protector' StatueYard  (Small Yard Decoration)
'Tom Bombadil' ThemeMusic  (Ambient Music Decoration)
10-pound SalmonBarter0
10-pound Salmon TrophyFurniture0
1404 Vintage Reserve0
15-pound SalmonBarter0
15-pound Salmon TrophyFurniture0
2-pound SalmonBarter0
2-pound Salmon TrophyFurniture0
20-pound SalmonBarter0
20-pound Salmon TrophyFurniture0
30-pound SalmonBarter0
30-pound Salmon TrophyFurniture0
4-pound SalmonBarter0
4-pound Salmon TrophyFurniture0
40-pound SalmonBarter0
40-pound Salmon TrophyFurniture0
50-pound SalmonBarter0
50-pound Salmon TrophyWall  (Small Wall Decoration)0
6-pound SalmonBarter0
6-pound Salmon TrophyFurniture0
Abandoned Waggon
Above Weathertop Decoration RecipeRecipe0
Academic's Bentwood BookshelfFurniture0
Academic's TableFurniture0
AcharchamMedium ArmourChest0Will: 25, Might: 7, Armor: 316
Achathling's MandibleTrophy0
Achathrin SpinnereTrophy
Achathrin Spinneret0
Acorn BladeOne-handed SwordMain Hand, Off Hand17Morale: 16, DPS: 9.8
Acorn WhistleGeneric0
Adamant BraceletArmband45Will: 7, Agility: 14, Fate: 7
Adamant Bracelet RecipeRecipe
Adamant EarringEarring45Might: 7, Vitality: 7, Fate: 14
Adamant Earring RecipeRecipe
Adamant Gem of Dreams[e]Gems
Adamant Gem of the Moon[e]Gems
Adamant NecklaceNecklaceNeck43Morale: 41, Fate: 14
Adamant Obsidian Rune-stoneRune-stoneMain Hand35Vitality: 13, DPS: 20.4
Adamant Obsidian Rune-stone RecipeRecipe: Jeweller Tier 4
Adamant RingRingFinger43Will: 13, Fate: 13
Adamant Shard0
Adelard's ChapterQuestItem1
Adso's AxeOne-handed AxeMain Hand, Off Hand0Morale: 10, DPS: 5.7, Armor: -5, Fate: 3
Adso's BladeDaggerDPS: 6.6
Adso's ClubOne-handed ClubMain Hand, Off Hand0DPS: 6.1
Adso's Satchel0
Adso's Two-Handed AxeTwo-handed AxeMain Hand0DPS: 7, Armor: -14
Adso's VestMedium ArmourChest0Armor: 92, Fate: 4
Advanced Amulet of the Black Lynx RecipeRecipe0
Advanced Amulet of the Frost-lynxNecklaceNeck33
Advanced Amulet of the Frost-Lynx RecipeRecipe0
Advanced Amulet of the Onyx LynxNecklaceNeck33
Advanced Amulet of the Onyx Lynx RecipeRecipe0
Advanced Burglar ToolsRanged40
Advanced Burglar Tools RecipeRecipe0
Advanced Pure Essence RecipeRecipe: Scholar
Advanced Pure Salve RecipeRecipe: Scholar
Advanced Refined Essence RecipeRecipe: Scholar
Advanced Refined Salve RecipeRecipe: Scholar
Adwold's Distinctive ArrowsQuestItem1
AearancLight Armour40Will: 12, Power: 73, Armor: 111
AechatholTwo-handed AxeMain Hand0Agility: 29, Might: 29, DPS: 28
AedailLight ArmourFeet0Armor: 18
Aegis of HarmonyMedium Armour60Power: 73, Might: 38, Vitality: 19, Armor: 826