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Lord of the Rings Online Adamant Shard

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thanks <2008-04-08 23:04:27>
Feladirr <Guest>thanks for everything guys you helped me a lot!! keep up the good work!!

<2008-06-02 08:59:02>
Bulbor <Guest>Grave-stalker (signature) in Lithost in Barandalf in Evendim dropped an adamant shard at foredawn.

<2008-07-03 23:57:10>
yoss <Guest>Mangetail near dwalign drops one too. :)

Adamant Shard Dropper <2008-12-18 01:18:44>
Kaster(leader) <Guest>Name: Klakki, Level: 31 Type: Elite, Morale 4,564, Race Gaunt-man, Location: 30.8S, 25.3W, Found in: Lone Lands/Haragmar Drops: Adamant Shard

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