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Lord of the Rings Online Ancient Nickel Ore

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Ancient Nickel Ore
Description: "A chunk of nickel ore that has been mined from ancient, powerful grounds."
Worth: 2s, 7c
Used In Recipe
Found in
TextUsed for crafting reputation items


Also found <2007-08-28 18:31:46>
Fanasil <Guest>This can also be found in Angmar. It is a secondary drop from Ancient Iron Deposits.

I think <2007-08-30 21:59:59>
<Guest>i think it is for jewellers but u need to make it into ingots i also thinks the prospctor recipe is actually a reputation recipe

<2007-08-31 18:25:36>
<Guest>anyone know what this is for yet?

ancient nickel ore <2007-08-31 18:25:36>
<Guest>required: Ancient nickel ingot recipe. A reputation rewarded recipe

<2007-09-04 19:46:16>
Talon <Guest>Which rep quest do you need to do for that?

Ancient Nickel Ingots <2008-01-29 22:37:34>
Galelenla <Guest>Used by metalsmith for Icon of Heroes (Council of the North I think) and weaponsmith for Wardin's Sceptre (Annuminas)

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