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Lord of the Rings Online Anganskald Guard

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Anganskald Guard
Binds On Equip
Type: Light Armour
Min Level: 50
Armour Value: 205
Usage Requirements:
Required class : Minstrel
+15 Will
+30 to Vitality
+15 Fate
Sturdiness: Normal
+3% Bonus To Tactical Critical Damage
Description: This armour, studded with beryls, known also as Elf-stones, is a fine set, crafted by the Elves for a minstrel of great renown.
Worth: 12s, 38c
Anganskald Armour
(2/6) +15 Fate
(4/6) +5% Ballad Damage
(6/6) -5% Healing Power Cost
Required CharacteristicMinimum Rank: 2


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