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Binds On Acquire
Type: One-handed Sword
Main Hand
Min Level: 50
45 - 65 Beleriand Damage
Weapon Speed: 2
27.5 Damage Per Second
Usage Requirements:
Required class : Champion
Wield: Your Hit-chance slightly increased
+15 Will
+15 Agility
+15 Might
+15 to Vitality
Durability: 100 / 100
Sturdiness: Normal
Wield: Your Hit-chance is slightly increased.
Worth: 12s, 75c
Dropped By MobsThaurlach
Found inThe Rift of Nurz Ghashu
ZonesThe Rift of Nurz Ghashu
Submitted ByTorval Stoneaxe


Picture <2008-04-03 23:26:01>
Nesord <Guest>Can you put a picture of this weap?

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