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Lord of the Rings Online Beast-master Shoulders

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Beast-master Shoulders
Binds On Equip
Type: Light Armour
Min Level: 50
Armour Value: 146
Usage Requirements:
Required class : Lore-Master
+90 Power
+15 Agility
+15 to Vitality
+30 Fate
Durability: 35 / 35
Sturdiness: Normal
Worth: 11s, 78c
Beast-Master's Armour
(2/6) +15 Will
(4/6) Test of Will recovery time reduced by 15 seconds
(6/6) Chance to resist your Blinding Flash reduced by 5%


<2008-01-14 04:23:30>
<Guest>A pair of these dropped for my group off the (normal) Signature Goblin (or possibly Orc, can't remember precisely) Defenders in Goblin Town (the ones with 4k ish HP that lurk on the low levels when you get closer to the throne room). Definitely wasn't in Helegrod as I have never been there.

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