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Lord of the Rings Online Beryl Shard

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Beryl Shard
Description: A glittering, dark green beryl fragment. This rare shard is prized by master crafters.
Worth: 2s, 96c
Used In Recipe
Dropped By Mobs


<2007-09-21 22:20:47>
gibbon <Guest>who drops these?

<2007-09-28 22:34:49>
Meic <Guest>rare spawn most of the time

<2007-10-08 23:42:25>
Vadim <Guest>All what i knwo that i got this drop once in Angmar in Imlad B.... from some Elit mob.... 4kHP! When u will do QS Wothr The Death, u will definatly kill him, hy stay beside one of the monumet which u need to find for this qs... But I have filing that this shard could drob from random Elit mob +45 and that chance of drop 1% + u r in FS so 1% devide on 6... good lack! thats why on AH its cost around 3g each

<2007-11-08 22:44:29>
Meic <Guest>this is going crazy, they sell 600s each in Brandywine, how about the other server?

add new mob to list for beryl shard drop <2007-11-20 23:07:24>
Quendella <Guest>While killing worms and crawlers in Cirith Ulunn for deeds everyone in fellowship was surprised to see option to roll for Beryl Shard . Was dropped buy Slimebiter no idea what level it was since we were just killing anything that moved ,but was in the water. I'm thinking it works like Bullcroaker. Its a very large green crawler .

Other Shard Droppers (2) <2007-12-20 00:01:37>
Rabekah <Guest>These things pop up during kill deeds because some areas spawn an elite version of the local monster when enough are killed. A salamander on the burning island spawned and dropped me one - I did not get the name BUT it spawned around the statue that needs cleaning as our kin group killed many Salamadars off. When doing lone lands troll kill deed a signature troll spawned and gave me an adament too - was not listed YET when I searched, that was weeks back.

<2008-01-31 22:47:32>
Chris <Guest>its a spider named Gwigon like drops that

Random drop i think <2008-02-22 21:09:45>
Azumi <Guest>I had one drop from a 'Corpse' i seached Near the drake nest in Angmar. I didnt even need to kill a monter.... I have been back there ever since and needless to say.... i dont think will drop again... :-(

More recipes <2008-02-24 20:25:10>
Dosin <Guest>All polished ancient steel weapon recipes also need those.

Mob <2008-03-01 03:05:35>
Persistence <Guest>I got a "Beryl Shard" and "Danghal's Paw" from a signature warg named "Danghal" at 3.6N 37.3W in Angmar.

Mob <2008-03-11 00:36:15>
Persistence <Guest>I got a "Beryl Shard", "Putrid Fingernail", and "reinforced leather armband of defence" in Imlad Balchorth in Angmar from a "Hewn Giant-arm" 9k+ hp, lv48. didn't get loc, but it is near some of the fell-spirits SE of Myrkworth. Also got "Beryl Shard" and "Achathling's Mandible" from Achathiling, elite spider in Torech-I-Bogbereth in Angmar. 9k-10k hp, lv49-50.

price <2008-05-17 00:47:30>
Giloin <Guest>Here on the Gilrain (EU England) server ive bought one for 347s, buyout. Were some more for 450s and 527s each.

<2008-05-20 23:33:33>
<Guest>600s to 3g!?!!?! F***, I sold mine for 200s xD

Beryl Shard Drop <2008-07-03 08:06:24>
anurwhoa <Guest>Have seen them in all areas where 40+ critters live. Always a drop from a signature creature. Yes expensive but very rare.

Beryl Shard Drop <2008-07-07 21:24:15>
Cheryl <Guest>

<2008-09-08 22:58:31>
<Guest>i got my mine for the lost lore special prize reward thing sometime back

<2008-11-15 22:34:26>
Hugitt <Guest>dropped by KOTH elite gorthorog mob 22k morale

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