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Lord of the Rings Online Faded Sindarin Passages

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Update <2008-10-13 02:45:11>
Iamhere <Guest>Faded Sindarin Passages drops from wights in Agamaur, Lone Land

<2010-01-09 21:53:37>
Aquarii <Guest>Faded sindarin passages are not dropping off of wights in Agamaur anymore. It&#039;s just Dunedain Scripts and Relics of Lothlorien. Boo!

<2010-01-09 21:53:37>
Aquarii <Guest>Best/fastest way to farm for these is in the Lone lands. Go back and forth between Ost Naerost and Ost Cyrn. The nodes spawn quite often and there&#039; 3 in Naerost and 2 in Ost Cyrn 1-3 drops per vase.

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