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Lord of the Rings Online Gilnor

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Binds On Acquire
Type: Bow
Min Level: 50
62 - 89 Beleriand-make
Weapon Speed: 2.4
31.46 Damage Per Second
Usage Requirements:
Required class : Hunter
Weaken: Opponent's power is transferred to you some of the time
Durability: 100 / 100
Sturdiness: Normal
Wield: +1% Critical Hit Chance to ranged auto-attacks.
Reduced Threat During Combat
Worth: 12s, 30c
Dropped By Mobs


Nice Bow <2007-07-12 04:50:12>
Vadim <Guest>Where is posible to get this bow?

<2007-07-28 01:25:49>
Synfael <Guest>I managed to find it in a chest right after you kill the a boss in Helegrod. It's the boss with loads of adds including drakes and worms. I've heard it also randomly drops in CD though.

<2008-08-27 04:28:41>
Faenordil <Guest>I received it in Helegrod, it was after having killed Zaudru if I recall

<2008-11-13 23:33:55>
<Guest>Got it From the Dragonguy, grisgart or what his name is...

<2009-11-04 20:22:23>
Guest <Guest>This dropped from the drake boss in Helegrod

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