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Lord of the Rings Online Hoartusk's Horn

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Location <2007-05-10 14:14:40>
Llewrend <Guest>Can be found in Misty Mountains just west of the Lornestone. Need to kill placeholder mammoths first, which are the Snowy Mammoths in the area.

<2007-07-11 01:02:12>
<Guest>he is Elite Master but soloable with the use of some pots and lembas (as lvl 50 ofc)

new recipe <2007-07-22 07:05:30>
Skrador <Guest>also used in the superb radiant cloak recipe

<2007-07-31 16:29:37>
<Guest>He is not Level 46. He is a Level 48 Elite-Master and fare from easy to solo unless your a overpowered lore-master!. :-)

Easy <2007-08-17 14:29:21>
Yun <Guest>lvl 50 hunter, solo np, easy mob =p

<2007-08-19 21:47:34>
<Guest>He is easily soloable with every class, he has a lot of health but hits like ****. getting him to spawn is harder (because of the time it takes and others)

<2007-08-22 14:34:29>
Bout <Guest>isit a mammoth or a giant?

<2007-08-26 19:39:07>
solo <Guest>i soloed him on lvl 45 with my Lore master =]

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