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Lord of the Rings Online Mithril Flake

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Mithril Flake
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Mithril Flake <2008-12-14 22:12:46>
Liil <Guest>Dropped by Ghânush in Nud-Melek (south of Second Hall)

<2008-12-18 01:39:48>
edrandir <Guest>Dropped by: Moria Sneak lvl 53 elite morale 13K 11.5 S - 111.6 W Darkshaer lvl 53 elite morale 13K silverlode - tunnel - 11.4 S - 113.7 W

<2008-12-22 21:08:59>
Gisulf <Guest>dropped by: marauding deep toad (nonaggressive toad in waterworks) normal morale, level ~54. Also drops off level 51 elite gredbyg mob (warrior model) near durins vault in great delving

<2008-12-27 02:53:38>
Onnem <Guest>Rocktooth drops a flake in katub-zahar

<2009-01-30 20:27:49>
Saerin <Guest>Gemlingril elite spider @ foundations of stone near shadow cave drops it too

<2009-02-12 23:10:51>
Cadfael <Guest>Mithril flakes can come from regular Kazad-iron and k-gold ore nodes as well.

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