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Lord of the Rings Online Putrid Fingernails

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Putrid Fingernails
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putrid fingurenail are now bugged <2007-09-04 00:23:27>
damian shaheen <Guest>After the patch fix of the shards it will be very difficult for Lore masters to complete their LVL 45 quest. Putrid figure nails no longer drop off on the decaying hands. they now only drop off of giant arms witch are very rare. So unless you have lots of gold or lots of time to find the extremely rare mob this quest will be an almost uncompleteable task.

<2007-09-06 23:03:59>
Stephiel <Guest>Confirming the bug. They are also required for the Level 45 Hunter quest.

no bug <2007-12-30 02:30:23>
Diablo75 <Guest>this is no longer bugged they drop off of all hands in Imlad

Location <2009-06-20 13:14:00>
Cegaiel <Guest>I just kept hanging around 7.0n 26.8w and waited for the respawns. More decaying hands deeper in, but this is less hassle.

<2009-07-17 08:36:52>
dude <Guest>I just killed more than a 100 in IB after bk8 &amp; not one dropped

Putrid Fingernail <2009-11-23 03:02:48>
Ridka <Guest>Ok, UPDATE. If you need these for a LM quest, they drop off ONLY on the decaying hands in Imlad Balchorth, Nan Gurth or CD. The easiest way is to port to Gath Forthnir, ride down to Imlad Balchorth &amp; kill the hands wandering around. There&#039;s also dead archers there, but they are scattered far enough not to bother you.

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