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Lord of the Rings Online Ruined Second Age Trinket

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<2007-04-28 22:27:20>
<Guest>whats a good place to farm this?

Farm <2007-06-18 21:38:14>
Gernot <Guest>Yeah same question here

Farming <2007-07-05 17:27:16>
Corruption <Guest>I seem to get a decent (not tons) from the Goblins northeast of the Foresaken Inn in Lone Lands

Farm <2007-07-30 00:32:02>
<Guest>hmmm...I only got Cryptic Texts from those goblins...not one second age trinket, and I killed a lot of them. Any other ideas?

ruined 2nd age trinket <2007-10-08 01:19:40>
crazyelf <Guest>i had a pretty decent drop rate on the elites in minas eriol...not listed as droppers but... white hand ridge-fighter and white-hand strong arm

ruined 2nd age trinket <2008-10-19 22:46:33>
rick <Guest>i got them from the mound-wights in emyn-hoedh in ered luin

ruined 2nd age trinket <2008-11-04 23:03:06>
Adam <Guest>Barrow downs wights are a 76% drop rate with these things aparanlty

<2008-11-04 23:03:06>
Rune2ndaget <Guest>

<2009-05-27 22:55:43>
Pennyf <Guest>The Barrow downs wights dorps extremly much Crypted Text, the 2nd age Trinket is more rare, i had 1 on 5 though.

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