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Lord of the Rings Online Secrets of Beasts

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Secrets of Beasts
Description: "A Scholar's starting discovery that provides insight into beasts and battle. This item has no apparent use."
Worth: 1s, 61c
Rewarded From QuestAn Old Trove


Purpose <2009-01-31 21:14:03>
Matthew Weeks <Guest>What does this item do? is it used in crafting by Scholars?

<2009-02-04 21:00:38>
<Guest>Apparently nobody has any idea what, if anything, the book is for.

<2009-02-27 18:24:13>
Lyo <Guest>Stil no ideas of any uses huh?

<2009-05-13 16:20:32>
Me <Guest>Apparently, the item used to be a resource used in the Scholar craft. Turbine made the craft easier to raise and decided to take some items out of the resource menu but never took the items out of game

<2009-06-18 20:22:56>
Phaedrea <Guest>Oh how annoying! Completely embarassed that I just spent 100 silver on it from the Auction House :D

UPDATED! <2010-01-09 21:47:05>
BlueMoon <Guest>Item was now updated (LotRODB is approving the update as we speak) and it allows you to track any beast near you. When you use it, you get a window with the nearest beasts, you choose one and it will show a red dot on the minimap for that beast until it&#039;s killed or you relog.

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