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Lord of the Rings Online Sword of Knowledge

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Sword of Knowledge
Binds On Acquire
Type: One-Handed Sword
Main Hand
Off Hand
43 - 61 Light
Weapon Speed: 2
26 Damage Per Second
Weaken: Some of your opponent's power is transferred to you some of the time.
+14 Agility
+14 Might
+7 to Vitality
Durability: 100 / 100
Sturdiness: Normal
Hit-chance slightly increased
+1.0% Parry Chance
Worth: 12s, 12c
Rewarded From QuestImplements of Knowledge


<2007-07-20 08:28:44>
Gilaran <Guest>why are the bonuses not on this? +14 might +14 agility +7 vitality +1% parry chance Weaken (power transfer)

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