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Lord of the Rings Online Items: Type - Component

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NameType SlotLevelStats
Ale YeastComponent
Ancient Armour PlateComponent1
Ancient Iron IngotComponent1
Ancient Nickel IngotComponent1
Ancient Silver IngotComponent1
Ancient Steel BladeComponent1
Ancient Steel BoltsComponent
Ancient Steel ChainComponent1
Ancient Steel Cutlery MouldComponent
Ancient Steel IngotComponent1
Ancient Steel ScalesComponent1
Apple Pie FillingComponent1
Ash BowstaffComponentRanged1
Ash BraceComponent1
Ash HaftComponent1
Ash WoodComponent0
Bag of SaltComponent
Ball of GunkComponent0
Ballad of AiglosComponent1
Ballad of AiglosComponent1
Bandfin DarterComponent0
Barrow-iron IngotComponent1
Barrow-iron IngotComponent1
Barrow-iron IngotComponent1
Berry Pie FillingComponent1
Black Ash BowstaffComponentRanged1
Black Ash HaftComponent1
Black Huorn HeartwoodComponent0
Blackberry HoneyComponent0
Blackberry JamComponent1
Blackberry SeedComponent0
Blackened Bronze BandComponent1
Blackened Bronze ChainComponent1
Blackened Bronze PlatesComponent1
Blackened Iron MeshComponent1
Blackened Iron PlatesComponent1
Blackened Steel BraceComponent1
Bleakwind's TongueComponent0
Blessed Elf-flourComponent
Blessed Leather PlateComponent1
Blueberry SeedComponent0
Boiled Exceptional LeatherComponent1
Boiled Extraordinary LeatherComponent1
Boiled Light LeatherComponent1
Boiled Magnificent LeatherComponent1
Boiled Medium LeatherComponent1
Boiled Perfect LeatherComponent1
Boiled Pristine LeatherComponent1
Boiled Sturdy LeatherComponent1
Bolt of Cotton ClothComponent0
Bolt of Elven-clothComponent0
Bolt of Linen ClothComponent0
Bolt of Rough ClothComponent0
Bolt of Silk ClothComponent
Bow of Shadowy MightComponentRanged1DPS: 26.4
Bright Steel BladeComponent1
Bronze BladeComponent1
Bronze Blade MouldComponent0
Bronze Cutlery MouldComponent
Bronze HiltComponent1
Bronze IngotComponent1
Bronze Mail LinksComponent1
Bronze PlatesComponent1
Brown TroutComponent
Bundle of Athelas LeavesComponent
Bundle of Fair AmaranthComponent1
Bundle of Fair BloodwortComponent1
Bundle of Fair BluebottleComponent1
Bundle of Fair IrisComponent1
Bundle of Fair Lily-of-the-ValleyComponent1
Bundle of Fair SaffronComponent1
Bundle of Greater Athelas LeavesComponent
Bundle of Lesser Athelas LeavesComponent
Bundle of Poor AmaranthComponent1
Bundle of Poor BloodwortComponent1
Bundle of Poor BluebottleComponent1
Bundle of Poor IrisComponent1
Bundle of Poor Lily-of-the-ValleyComponent1
Bundle of Poor SaffronComponent1
Bundle of Pure Athelas LeavesComponent
Bundle of Refined Athelas LeavesComponent
Bundle Of StrawComponent
Bushel of Fair BlackberriesComponent1
Bushel of Fair BlueberriesComponent1
Bushel of Fair CabbageComponent1
Bushel of Fair CarrotsComponent1
Bushel of Fair CauliflowerComponent1
Bushel of Fair ElderberriesComponent1
Bushel of Fair Golding HopsComponent1
Bushel of Fair Green Hill HopsComponent1
Bushel of Fair Green OnionsComponent1
Bushel of Fair Mint LeavesComponent1
Bushel of Fair MushroomsComponent1
Bushel of Fair North Downs HopsComponent1