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Lord of the Rings Online Items: Type - Furniture

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NameType SlotLevelStats
'Ancestral Bonds' ThemeFurniture0
'Autumn Ale' ThemeFurniture0
'East of the Sea' ThemeFurniture0
'Ered Luin' ThemeFurniture0
'Hills Of The Shire' ThemeFurniture
'Mithlond' ThemeFurniture0
'Prancing Pony' ThemeFurniture0
'Silent Hope' ThemeFurniture
10-pound Salmon TrophyFurniture0
15-pound Salmon TrophyFurniture0
2-pound Salmon TrophyFurniture0
20-pound Salmon TrophyFurniture0
30-pound Salmon TrophyFurniture0
4-pound Salmon TrophyFurniture0
40-pound Salmon TrophyFurniture0
6-pound Salmon TrophyFurniture0
Academic's Bentwood BookshelfFurniture0
Academic's TableFurniture0
Arnorian Statue: King's EffigyFurniture
Arnorian Statue: Orb And SwordFurniture
Barbarous Barbel TrophyFurniture0
Barghest TrophyFurniture0
Basket ChandelierFurniture0
Big Mouth Bass TrophyFurniture0
Black Bear TrophyFurniture0
Black Floor PaintFurniture0
Black Wall PaintFurniture0
Brawny Bullhead TrophyFurniture0
Breakfast TableFurniture
Bright Bittering TrophyFurniture0
Brown Bear TrophyFurniture0
Cave Troll TrophyFurniture0
Colourful Charr TrophyFurniture0
Courageous Carp TrophyFurniture0
Cunning Catfish TrophyFurniture0
Cushioned BenchFurniture0
Dark Green Floor PaintFurniture0
Dark Green Wall PaintFurniture0
Delightful Dace TrophyFurniture0
Detailed Plaster WallFurniture0
Dwarf BenchFurniture0
Dwarf TableFurniture0
Elf Statue: CelebrimborFurniture
Elf Statue: Gil-GaladFurniture
Elf Statue: LuthienFurniture
Empty BrazierFurniture0
Fantastic Flounder TrophyFurniture0
Ferndur's SkullFurniture0
Floral Tile FloorFurniture0
Floral WallpaperFurniture
Frost-Antler Head TrophyFurniture0
Frost-antler PoleFurniture
Frost-antler StandFurniture
Giant Goldfish TrophyFurniture0
Giant Mammoth TuskFurniture
Gleaming Grayling TrophyFurniture0
Gold Floor PaintFurniture0
Gold Wall PaintFurniture0
Great Golden Mullet TrophyFurniture0
Grey Diamond Stone FloorFurniture0
Hardwood FloorFurniture0
Head of BogberethFurniture0
Huge Houting TrophyFurniture0
Indigo Floor PaintFurniture0
Indigo Wall PaintFurniture0
Inn League KegFurnitureFurniture0
Interlocking Wood FloorFurniture0
IntricateTile FloorFurniture
Iron BrazierFurniture0
Iron CandlestandFurniture
Iron ChandelierFurniture0
Iron SconceFurniture0
Ivar's BannerFurniture
Large 'Dragon-Fly' RugFurniture0
Large Brown RugFurniture0
Large Gauredain TotemFurniture
Large Purple RugFurniture
Large Red Leaf RugFurniture0
Large Red RugFurniture0
Large Round ChandlierFurniture
Large White 'Leaf Border' RugFurniture0
Leaf Plaster WallFurniture0
Leaf-blade ChandelierFurniture
Lined Stone WallFurniture0
Long Academic's TableFurniture0
Long Dwarf-make TableFurnitureFurniture0
Long TableFurniture0
Lossoth Smoke TentFurniture
Magnificent Minnow TrophyFurniture0
Map TableFurniture0
Marbled Stone WallFurniture0
Multi-coloured Stone FloorFurniture0
Naruhel's DressFurniture0
Nasty Nine-spined Stickleback TrophyFurniture0