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Lord of the Rings Online Items: Type - Potion

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NameType SlotLevelStats
Athelas EssencePotion15
Athelas ExtractPotion15
Bottled Spider ChitterPotion50
Bottled Warg BreathPotion50
Brewed Athelas ExtractPotion51
Brewed Celebrant OintmentPotion51
Brewed Celebrant SalvePotion51
Brewed Flask of ConhuithPotion1
Brewed Flask of LhinestadPotion1
Brewed Healing DraughtPotion1
Brewed Milkthistle DraughtPotion1
Brewed Milkthistle SalvePotion1
Brilliant Edhelharn TokenPotion40
Bubbling PotionPotion50
Celebrant OintmentPotion15
Celebrant SalvePotion15
Concentrated Celebrant WaterPotion25
Concentrated Essence of AthelasPotion25
Dim Edhelharn TokenPotion15
Distilled Athelas EssencePotion58
Distilled Athelas ExtractPotion58
Distilled Celebrant OintmentPotion58
Distilled Celebrant SalvePotion58
Distilled Flask of ConhuithPotion1
Distilled Flask of LhinestadPotion1
Distilled Healing SalvePotion1
Distilled Milkthistle DraughtPotion1
Distilled Milkthistle SalvePotion1
Distilled Salve of ConhuithPotion1
Distilled Salve of LhinestadPotion1
Dull Edhelharn TokenPotion15Hope: 1
Elixir of Twice Purified AthelasPotion25
Elixir of Twice Purified CelebrantPotion25
Enhanced Celebrant WaterPotion25
Enhanced Essence of AthelasPotion25
Faint Edhelharn TokenPotion25
Flagon of Imladris MiruvorPotion1
Flask of ConhuithPotion1
Flask of Imladris MiruvorPotion1
Flask of LhinestadPotion1
Flask of LhinestadPotion1
Flask of Ringnen SalvePotion1
Gift of CharityPotion1
Gift of CompassionPotion1
Gift of ConfidencePotion1
Gift of DeterminationPotion1
Gift of DisciplinePotion1
Gift of EmpathyPotion1
Gift of FidelityPotion1
Gift of FortitudePotion1
Gift of Greater CharityPotion1
Gift of Greater CompassionPotion1
Gift of Greater ConfidencePotion1
Gift of Greater DeterminationPotion1
Gift of Greater DisciplinePotion1
Gift of Greater EmpathyPotion1
Gift of Greater FidelityPotion1
Gift of Greater FortitudePotion1
Gift of Greater HonestyPotion1
Gift of Greater HonourPotion1
Gift of Greater IdealismPotion1
Gift of Greater InnocencePotion1
Gift of Greater JusticePotion1
Gift of Greater LoyaltyPotion1
Gift of Greater MercyPotion1
Gift of Greater PatiencePotion1
Gift of Greater TolerancePotion1
Gift of Greater ValourPotion1
Gift of Greater WisdomPotion1
Gift of Greater ZealPotion1
Gift of HonestyPotion1
Gift of HonourPotion1
Gift of IdealismPotion1
Gift of InnocencePotion1
Gift of JusticePotion1
Gift of Lesser CharityPotion1
Gift of Lesser CompassionPotion1
Gift of Lesser ConfidencePotion1
Gift of Lesser DeterminationPotion1
Gift of Lesser DisciplinePotion1
Gift of Lesser EmpathyPotion1
Gift of Lesser FidelityPotion1
Gift of Lesser FortitudePotion1
Gift of Lesser HonestyPotion1
Gift of Lesser HonourPotion1
Gift of Lesser IdealismPotion1
Gift of Lesser InnocencePotion1
Gift of Lesser JusticePotion1
Gift of Lesser LoyaltyPotion1
Gift of Lesser MercyPotion1
Gift of Lesser PatiencePotion1
Gift of Lesser TolerancePotion1
Gift of Lesser ValourPotion1
Gift of Lesser WisdomPotion1
Gift of Lesser ZealPotion1
Gift of LoyaltyPotion1
Gift of MercyPotion1
Gift of PatiencePotion1
Gift of TolerancePotion1
Gift of ValourPotion1