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Lord of the Rings Online Items: Type - Recipe

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NameType SlotLevelStats
Above Weathertop Decoration RecipeRecipe0
Adamant Bracelet RecipeRecipe
Adamant Earring RecipeRecipe
Advanced Amulet of the Black Lynx RecipeRecipe0
Advanced Amulet of the Frost-Lynx RecipeRecipe0
Advanced Amulet of the Onyx Lynx RecipeRecipe0
Advanced Burglar Tools RecipeRecipe0
Agate Bracelet RecipeRecipe
Amethyst Earring RecipeRecipe0
Ancient Armour RecipeRecipe
Ancient Dwarf Spike Kit RecipeRecipe0
Ancient Iron Cooking Supplies RecipeRecipe0
Ancient Iron Forester's Axe RecipeRecipe0
Ancient Iron Jeweller's Tools RecipeRecipe0
Ancient Iron Mining Pick RecipeRecipe0
Ancient Iron Scholar's Glass RecipeRecipe0
Ancient Iron Smithing Hammer RecipeRecipe0
Ancient Steel Axe RecipeRecipe
Ancient Steel Cooking Supplies RecipeRecipe
Ancient Steel Dagger RecipeRecipe
Ancient Steel Greatsword RecipeRecipe
Ancient Steel Ingot RecipeRecipe0
Ancient Steel Jeweller's Tools RecipeRecipe
Ancient Steel Mining Pick RecipeRecipe
Ancient Steel Scholar's Glass RecipeRecipe
Ancient Steel Smithing Hammer RecipeRecipe0
Ancient Steel Tailor's Tools RecipeRecipe
Ancient Steel Thowing Axe RecipeRecipe
Ancient Steel Woodworking Tools RecipeRecipe0
Apprentice Ale RecipeRecipe
Apprentice's Ale RecipeRecipe
Average Amulet of the Mottled-Wing Raven RecipeRecipe0
Average Amulet Of The Wildpaw-bear RecipeRecipe
Baked Flounder RecipeRecipe0
Ballad of Aiglos RecipeRecipe
Basic Amulet of the Black Bear RecipeRecipe0
Basic Amulet of the Blood-Raven RecipeRecipe0
Basic Amulet of the Mottled-Wing Raven RecipeRecipe0
Basic Bear Trap RecipeRecipe
Basic Caltrops RecipeRecipe0
Basic Lure Trap RecipeRecipe
Basic Quick Trap RecipeRecipe
Basic Strong Trap RecipeRecipe0
Basic Stun-dust RecipeRecipe0
Basic Tripwire RecipeRecipe
Battle Horn RecipeRecipe0
Beleriand Spike Kit RecipeRecipe0
Beryl Bracelet RecipeRecipe
Beryl Earring RecipeRecipe
Big Bag of Marbles RecipeRecipe0
Blackberry Ale RecipeRecipe
Blackberry Tart RecipeRecipe0
Bloodstone Earring RecipeRecipe0
Blue Bock Beer RecipeRecipe
Blueberry Ale RecipeRecipe
Blueberry Crop RecipeRecipe0
Blueberry Field RecipeRecipe0
Blueberry Seed RecipeRecipe0
Bold Stout Beer RecipeRecipe
Book of Beasts RecipeRecipe0
Book of the Dunedain RecipeRecipe0
Bow Chant: Breach-finder RecipeRecipe
Bow Chant: Foe-finder RecipeRecipe0
Bow Chant: Shield-bane RecipeRecipe0
Bow Chant: Whisper-Draw RecipeRecipe0
Bow Chant: Wind-Rider RecipeRecipe0
Bow of Shadowy Might RecipeRecipe0
Breakfast Table Decoration RecipeRecipe0
Bree-Spear RecipeRecipe0
Brilliant Edhelharn Token RecipeRecipe0
Bronze Cooking Supplies RecipeRecipe0
Bronze Farming Tools RecipeRecipe
Bronze Forester's Axe RecipeRecipe
Bronze Jeweller's Tools RecipeRecipe0
Bronze Prospector's Tools RecipeRecipe
Bronze Scholar's Glass RecipeRecipe0
Bronze Smithing Hammer RecipeRecipe
Bronze Tailor's Tools RecipeRecipe
Bronze Woodworking Tools RecipeRecipe0
Campfire Materials RecipeRecipe0
Candlestand Decoration RecipeRecipe
Carrot Crop RecipeRecipe0
Carrot Field RecipeRecipe0
Carrot Seed RecipeRecipe0
Carved Black Ash Bow RecipeRecipe0
Carved Black Ash Crossbow RecipeRecipe0
Carved Black Ash Hammer RecipeRecipe0
Carved Black Ash Spear RecipeRecipe
Carved Black Ash Staff RecipeRecipe
Carved Horn RecipeRecipe0
Carved Lebethron Bow RecipeRecipe0
Carved Lebethron Crossbow RecipeRecipe0
Carved Lebethron Spear RecipeRecipe0
Carved Lebethron Staff RecipeRecipe0
Carved Yew Crossbow RecipeRecipe0
Carved Yew Spear RecipeRecipe0
Cauliflower Crop RecipeRecipe0
Cauliflower Field RecipeRecipe0
Cauliflower Seed RecipeRecipe0
Celebrant Salve RecipeRecipe0