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Lord of the Rings Online Items: Type - Runes

NameType SlotLevelStats
Aged Rune of Courage[e]RunesMorale: 100, Power: 50
Aged Rune of Freedom[e]RunesMorale: 50, Power: 100
Ancient Rune of the Storm[e]RunesMorale: 150, Power: 150
Ancient Rune of the Thunder[e]RunesMorale: 150, Power: 150
Deep Rune of the ForestRunesMorale: 100, Power: 150
Deep Rune of the Mountains[e]RunesMorale: 150, Power: 100
Early Rune of the Heart[e]RunesMorale: 75
Early Rune of the Spirit[e]RunesPower: 75
Profound Rune of Action[e]RunesMorale: 125
Profound Rune of the Swift Step[e]RunesPower: 125