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Lord of the Rings Online Items: Type - Scroll

NameType SlotLevelStats
Ancient Boots RecipeScroll
Ancient Gloves RecipeScroll
Ancient Helm RecipeScroll
Ancient Iron Tailor's Tools RecipeScroll
Ancient Leggings RecipeScroll
Ancient Shoulder Guards RecipeScroll
Ancient Steel Throwing Axe RecipeScroll
Book of Nature RecipeScroll
Book of the Dúnedain RecipeScroll
Bronze Mining Pick RecipeScroll
Burglar -- The GamblerScroll
Celeborn's LetterScroll
Chant of the Stalwart RecipeScroll
Cross-Breed Dragonsbreath RecipeScroll0
Cross-breed Eagle's Nest Field RecipeScroll
Cross-breed Gamwich Braid Field RecipeScroll
Cross-breed Wizard's Fire Field RecipeScroll
Crude Map to GramsfootScroll50
Crumpled ParchmentScroll
Eagle's Nest Pipe-weed Field RecipeScroll
Fire Oil RecipeScroll
Forged Dwarf-craft Mace RecipeScroll
Forged Steel Axe RecipeScroll
Gamwich Braid Pipe-weed Field RecipeScroll
Heavey Bronze Mace RecipeScroll0
Heavy Ash Bow RecipeScroll
Heavy Ash Hammer RecipeScroll
Heavy Bright Steel Mace RecipeScroll
Heavy Bronze Gloves RecipeScroll
Heavy Bronze Helm RecipeScroll
Heavy Iron Gloves RecipeScroll
Heavy Skirmisher's Armour RecipeScroll
Heavy Skirmisher's Boots RecipeScroll
Hornblower Seed RecipeScroll0
Loose Explorer's Armour RecipeScroll
Loose Explorer's Leggings RecipeScroll
Loose Explorer's Shoes RecipeScroll
Major Book of the Dúnedain RecipeScroll
Memorium Ring RecipeScroll
Mentoring the Moor CowbellScroll50
Mentoring the TheorboScroll44
Mining RecordsScroll
Minor Book of the Dúnedain RecipeScroll
Multi-trap (2 Traps) RecipeScroll
Multi-trap (3 Traps) RecipeScroll
Outrider's Armour RecipeScroll0
Outrider's Boots RecipeScroll0
Outrider's Gloves RecipeScroll0
Outrider's Helm RecipeScroll0
Outrider's Leggings RecipeScroll0
Outrider's Shoulder Guards RecipeScroll0
Polished Ancient Armour RecipeScroll
Polished Gondorian Greatsword RecipeScroll
Polished Westernesse Headman's Axe RecipeScroll
Reinforced Sturdy Leather Shoulder Guards RecipeScroll
Roper's Twist Pipe-Wield Field RecipeScroll0
Scroll of Ancient Metalworking LoreScroll
Scroll of Ancient Tailoring LoreScroll
Scroll of Ancient Weaponsmithing LoreScroll
Scroll of Ancient Woodworking LoreScroll
Scroll of Lesser Metalworking LoreScroll
Scroll of Lesser Tailoring LoreScroll
Scroll of Lesser Weaponsmithing LoreScroll
Scroll of Lesser Woodworking LoreScroll
Scroll of Minor Battle LoreScroll
Scroll Of Minor Cooking LoreScroll
Scroll Of Minor Jeweller LoreScroll
Scroll of Minor Metalworking LoreScroll0
Scroll Of Minor Scholar LoreScroll
Scroll of Minor Tailoring LoreScroll
Scroll of Minor Warding LoreScroll
Scroll of Minor Weaponsmithing LoreScroll
Scroll of Minor Woodworking LoreScroll0
Scroll Of RuinScroll
Scroll of the AgesScroll40
Serene Stew RecipeScroll
Shield Spike Kit RecipeScroll
Shining Edhelharn Token RecipeScroll
Steel Jeweller's Tools RecipeScroll
Steel Tailor's Tools RecipeScroll
Strong Westernesse Helm RecipeScroll
Superb Hunter's Armour RecipeScroll
Superb Hunter's Helm RecipeScroll
Superb Radiant Armour RecipeScroll
Superb Rangers' Shoulder Guards RecipeScroll
Superb Scholar's Leggings RecipeScroll
Superb Traveller's Armour RecipeScroll
Superb Traveller's Hat RecipeScroll
Superb Traveller's Leggings RecipeScroll
Superb Traveller's Shoes RecipeScroll
Superb Traveller's Shoulder Guards RecipeScroll
Superior Lothlórien Waybread Scroll CaseScroll
The Auction HouseScroll
Tomb of the DogScroll0
Tome Of The SparrowScroll
White Tree Trinket RecipeScroll
Wizard's Fire Pipe-weed Field RecipeScroll
Writ of PassageScroll1
Yellowed RecipeScroll