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Lord of the Rings Online Items: Type - Trophy

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NameType SlotLevelStats
Achathling's MandibleTrophy0
Achathrin SpinnereTrophy
Albino Aurochs FurTrophy
Albino Barghest SkinTrophy
Albino Bat SkinTrophy
Albino Bear SkinTrophy1
Albino Cave Claw SkinTrophy1
Albino Drake SkinTrophy
Albino Dread Turtle SkinTrophy
Albino FurTrophy
Albino Hendroval FeatherTrophy
Albino Lynx SkinTrophy
Albino Rat SkinTrophy
Albino Shrew SkinTrophy
Albino Toad SkinTrophy
Albino Warg SkinTrophy
Albino Wolf SkinTrophy
Albino Worm SkinTrophy
All-Shire Run TokenTrophy1
Ancient Thicktusk's TuskTrophy0
Ancient Wight Barrow TreasureTrophy0
Ancient Wight Breastplate FragmentTrophyChest
Ancient Wight Finger BoneTrophy
Ancient Wight Pauldron FragmentTrophy
Ancient Wight SkullTrophy0
Armoured Crawler CarapaceTrophy
Armoured Huorn BarkTrophy
Armoured Lurker CarapaceTrophy0
Armoured Lurker LegTrophy0
Armoured Midge CarapaceTrophy
Armoured Midge LegTrophy
Armoured Neekerbreeker CarapaceTrophy
Armoured Neekerbreeker LegTrophy
Armoured Norbog CarapaceTrophy
Armoured Norbog LegTrophy
Armoured Sicklefly CarapaceTrophy1
Armoured Spider CarapaceTrophy
Armoured Spider LegTrophy0
Arnorian Armour FragmentsTrophy1
Asht's ToothTrophy0
Azuzol's MandibleTrophy0
Badge of CommandTrophy0
Barbed Sicklefly WingTrophy
Barrel of OilTrophy1
Barrel of PoisonTrophy1
Birzrit's MandibleTrophy0
Blackclaw's ClawTrophy0
Blackend Spider EyeTrophy
Blackened Aurochs FurTrophy
Blackened Aurochs HoofTrophy
Blackened Aurochs TailTrophy
Blackened Barghest PawTrophy0
Blackened Barghest SkinTrophy0
Blackened Bat ClawTrophy
Blackened Bat SkinTrophy
Blackened Bat WingTrophy0
Blackened Bear PawTrophy0
Blackened Bear SkinTrophy0
Blackened Boar HoofTrophy0
Blackened Boar SkinTrophy0
Blackened Brigand Dagger SheathTrophy
Blackened Brigand Sword SheathTrophy
Blackened Cave Claw DigitTrophy
Blackened Cave Claw SkinTrophy
Blackened Cave Claw TalonTrophy
Blackened Craban FeatherTrophy
Blackened Craban TalonTrophy
Blackened Crawler CarapaceTrophy0
Blackened Drake ScaleTrophy
Blackened Drake SkinTrophy
Blackened Dread Turtle ShellTrophy
Blackened Dread Turtle SkinTrophy
Blackened Dread Turtle Webbed ClawTrophy
Blackened Half-orc Dagger SheathTrophy0
Blackened Half-Orc Sword SheathTrophy0
Blackened Hendroval FeatherTrophy
Blackened Hendroval TalonTrophy
Blackened Hendroval WingTrophy
Blackened Huorn BarkTrophy
Blackened Knife SheathTrophy0
Blackened Leech MembraneTrophy
Blackened Leech SlimeTrophy
Blackened Lurker CarapaceTrophy
Blackened Lurker EyeTrophy
Blackened Lynx ClawTrophy
Blackened Lynx PawTrophy0
Blackened Lynx SkinTrophy
Blackened Midge CarapaceTrophy
Blackened Midge EyeTrophy
Blackened Midge LegTrophy
Blackened Midge WingTrophy
Blackened Neekerbreeker CarapaceTrophy
Blackened Neekerbreeker EyeTrophy
Blackened Neekerbreeker GooTrophy
Blackened Neekerbreeker LegTrophy
Blackened Neekerbreeker WingTrophy
Blackened Norbog CarapaceTrophy
Blackened Norbog EyeTrophy
Blackened Norbog GooTrophy