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Lord of the Rings Online Venomous Dread Turtle Beak

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Venomous Dread Turtle Beak
Min Level: 1
Description: The beak of the dread turtle drips with deadly poison.

This trophy is sought by Burglars and Hunters.
Worth: 2s, 96c
Related To Quest
Dropped By MobsDeadly Ironscale


Hunter Quest items <2008-01-01 04:22:22>
RabekahDropped off level 44 Turtles, none off level 43 so far. Item for hunter quest series awarded at level 45. Implements of the Hunt or Artifacts of Discovery - not sure - were awarded together

Burglar items aswell <2008-05-11 17:16:41>
Freda <Guest>These are needed for the burglar class quest Implements of the Night (creative naming!) aswell. I killed 6-8 lvl 43-44 turtles in Western Malenhad, but didn't get any beaks. Then I killed four 44 turtles in Eastern Malenhad and got four (100% drop)... Coinsidence? Also this was done after Book13...

Drop rate <2008-11-02 02:54:59>
Stephen <Guest>these will drop nearly 100% of the time of the LEVEL44 Turtles, lvl43 have a next to nothing rate. The turtles temselves have 8k morale and are reletivly easy.

Burglar drop rate <2009-01-06 08:49:51>
Jaxe <Guest>Confirmed - L44 Deadly Ironscale turtles in EASTERN Malenhad - I got zero drops after 7 kills in Western Malenhad.

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