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Lord of the Rings Online Wig-feld

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Binds On Acquire
Type: Cloak
Min Level: 50
Armour Value: 297
Usage: Slightly damages the target while granting you Power. Attacker gains 310 - 340 Power. Target is drained of 100 - 50 Morale.
+18 Power
+15 Agility
+15 Might
+15 to Vitality
+15 Fate
+90 Morale
Durability: 40 / 40
Sturdiness: Tough
Worth: 11s,
Dropped By MobsThaurlach
ZonesThe Rift of Nurz Ghashu


<2008-05-27 02:36:26>
Evenfrost <Guest>Is it boe? Guess its boa though.

<2008-06-12 16:39:42>
Quodo <Guest>It's BoE. Saw one for 125g on the AH today on Brandywine.

<2008-06-30 20:42:26>
Brognor <Guest>OMFG! It's a really nice cloak :OOO Hope I find it cheap as I'll never kill Thaurlach!

<2008-07-27 21:11:36>
<Guest>You will never find Wig Feld cheap. Its a pretty hard to get drop, and if you join the right kinship killing Thaurlach will not be a problem.

Wig-Feld <2008-08-02 21:56:27>
Balinthar <Guest>Wig-Feld was Bind on Equip until Book 14, now it's Bind on Acquire. It's also no longer a teal item, it's an Orange item. I haven't seen any other items that are orange yet.

<2008-08-06 00:17:13>
<Guest>there are other gold items like, wanir-men and lash fragment they both drop off thaurlach though

<2008-08-19 08:18:05>
Brognor <Guest>They are extra rare drops. Too hard to find but I dont care because soon there's going to be Mines of Moria released so there are going to be very better items.

<2008-10-13 02:08:49>
<Guest>these items are legendary items and are supposed to upgrade/lvl as you LVL with the MOM expansion.

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