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Lord of the Rings Online Items: Zone - Bree-fields

NameType SlotLevelStats
Adso's AxeOne-handed AxeMain Hand, Off Hand0Morale: 10, DPS: 5.7, Armor: -5, Fate: 3
Adso's ClubOne-handed ClubMain Hand, Off Hand0DPS: 6.1
Adso's Satchel0
Adso's Two-Handed AxeTwo-handed AxeMain Hand0DPS: 7, Armor: -14
Ash WoodComponent0
Barrow-Iron Ore0
Bear Pelt0
Blackened Bear PawTrophy0
Blackened Boar HoofTrophy0
Blackened Claw0
Blade of the ForgottenOne-handed SwordMain Hand, Off Hand14Vitality: 4, DPS: 8.4
Blunt Boar TuskTrophy0
Blunt Sicklefly MandibleTrophy0
BrecthannShieldOff Hand0Will: 8, Agility: 8, Armor: 258
BregdailMedium ArmourFeet0Agility: 4, Armor: 41
Brigand's NoteGeneric0
Cryptic Text0
DagoronTwo-handed ClubMain Hand0DPS: 8.5
Delicate Hoof0
Dirty Bear PawTrophy0
Dirty Boar HoofTrophy0
Dirty Wolf PawTrophy0
Dull Bear ToothTrophy0
Dull Canine ToothTrophy0
Dwarf Padded Gloves of MightLight ArmourHands27Might: 8, Armor: 74
Eggs and Onions0Might: 1
Emerald Ring of FleetnessRingFinger16Agility: 5
Enduring Brimmed Helmet of MightMedium ArmourHead11Might: 4, Armor: 25
Farmer Maggot Mushroom27
Flawless Boar-Hide0
Hard Biscuits0
Hawkling's KnifeDagger0DPS: 7.4, Fate: 4
Hawkling's StaffStaffMain Hand0DPS: 8.5, Fate: 9
Heavy Bronze Dagger RecipeRecipe0
Heavy Cloth Hat RecipeRecipe0
Heavy Padded Gloves RecipeRecipe0
Leather GlovesMedium ArmourHands8Armor: 20
Leather-bound StaveStaffMain Hand40DPS: 16.5
Light Hide0
Matted Bear SkinTrophy0
Medium Hide0
Oak ClubOne-handed ClubMain Hand, Off Hand8DPS: 3.8
Oak Long BowBowRanged21DPS: 12
Padded Shoes of VigourLight ArmourFeet33Might: 4, Vitality: 10, Armor: 71
Quilted Shoulder PadsLight ArmourShoulder8Armor: 3
Roast Pork0
Saeradan's GreataxeTwo-Handed AxeMain Hand0Might: 6, DPS: 9.5, Armor: -18
Saeradan's Iron BowBowRanged0DPS: 8
Saeradan's Iron BraceletArmbandWrist0Fate: 4
Saeradan's Shoulder GuardsMedium ArmourShoulder0Armor: 21
Saeradan's TrousersLight ArmourLegs0Agility: 5, Armor: 73
Shining Chainmail Shoulder GuardsHeavy ArmourShoulder28Will: 14, Power: 26, Armor: 120
Silver Ore0
Squishy Boar IntestineBarter0
Swift Kindle Stave of VigourStaffMain Hand15Vitality: 10, DPS: 9
Tin Ore0
TiritholCloakBack0Will: 14, Morale: 22, Vitality: 14, Armor: 135, Fate: 4
Torn Claw1
TortholMedium ArmourHead0Agility: 5, Might: 5, Armor: 59
Two-Handed Axe0
Wet Bear SkinTrophy0
Worn Half-orc Dagger SheathTrophy0
Worn Half-Orc Sword SheathTrophy0
Woven Cloak of FateCloakBack26Armor: 48, Fate: 8
Yarrow RootComponent0
Yew Bow (Common)BowRanged14DPS: 6.5