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Lord of the Rings Online Database News - Trophies

Updated Bestiary (2): Gnashmaw, Elmo Whitethorn
Updated Quests (1): The Wayward Bull
New Items (58): Scarred Heartwood, Barbarous Barbel Trophy, Bright Bittering Trophy, Brawny Bullhead Trophy, Courageous Carp Trophy, Cunning Catfish Trophy, Colourful Charr Trophy, Delightful Dace Trophy, Fantastic Flounder Trophy, Great Golden Mullet Trophy, Giant Goldfish Trophy, Gleaming Grayling Trophy, Huge Houting Trophy, Big Mouth Bass Trophy, Magnificent Minnow Trophy, Nasty Nine-spined Stickleback Trophy, Perfect Perch Trophy, Ruthless Rudd Trophy, Superb Smelt Trophy, Tricky Three-spined Stickleback Trophy, 2-pound Salmon Trophy, 4-pound Salmon Trophy, 6-pound Salmon Trophy, 10-pound Salmon Trophy, 15-pound Salmon Trophy, 20-pound Salmon Trophy, 30-pound Salmon Trophy, 40-pound Salmon Trophy, 50-pound Salmon Trophy, Barbarous Barbel, Bright Bittering, Courageous Carp, Cunning Catfish, Colourful Charr, Delightful Dace, Fantastic Flounder, Great Golden Mullet, Giant Goldfish, Gleaming Grayling, Huge Houting, Big Mouth Bass, Magnificent Minnow, Nasty Nine-spined Stickleback, Perfect Perch, Perfect Pike, Ruthless Rudd, Superb Smelt, Tricky Three-Spined Stickleback, 2-pound Salmon, 4-pound Salmon, 6-pound Salmon, 10-pound Salmon, 15-pound Salmon, 20-pound Salmon, 30-pound Salmon, 40-pound Salmon, 50-pound Salmon, Firebelly Darter
Updated Items (4): Gossamer Blade, Engraved Beryl Ring Recipe, Gnashmaw's Tongue, Brawny Bullhead
Updated Skills (1): Summoning Horn Use
Updated Objects (1): Silloth's Flower
Updated Accomplishments (1): Flowers of the Old Forest

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