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Lord of the Rings Online Adamant Shard

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NameAdamant Shard
Descriptionitem used for jewelrs crafting
Location12.0S, 61.7W
Found in Zones
Requires ProfiencyExpert
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Not there.... <2008-12-10 21:46:51>
Fischborn <Guest>Went to the spot indicated by the entry. Nothing there. Assuming it was a Ore Drop.

<2009-04-27 22:16:05>
pulkis <Guest>it drops from a bear... grizzly-something... don&#039;t remember his name

<2009-06-16 07:03:37>
Sus <Guest>THis is a hoax, there isnt a bear over there

adamant shard <2009-08-03 06:16:50>
whiffenstar <Guest>this is also valuable to the tailor craft

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