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Lord of the Rings Online Akultot

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LocationS 21.5, E 4.5
Found in Zones
Map of Misty Mountains Click an Icon to Link


Not quite where the map is positioned. <2008-06-17 23:53:43>
Nashkili <Guest>Co-ordinates are correct. However it is the elevated island in the center only reachable by bridges in the Goblin Camp that houses the Goblin Overseer. Dropping down from the path above that leads to the back entrance to Goblin Town usually results in deaths due to adventuring mishaps or aggroing plenty of goblins. I fought my way to the top while looking for book pages, and if you quest here, might as well knock it while you're doing those.

Akultot <2008-07-12 05:27:04>
Celebrimwe <Guest>

<2008-09-29 06:17:24>
Puzzled <Guest>This mob is probably bugged. I killed him twice in a row. Meaning, the mob spawned again at the same second I killed him first time.

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