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Lord of the Rings Online Objects - C

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CabbageBree-Fields, Bree-Land
Cairn of HonourAngmar, Cairn of Honour
Caldwell PoolMisty Mountains
CampfireShire, Overhill, Misty Mountains, Waymeet, Beggar's Alley, Bree-Town
Caradhras BodyEregion
Caradhras CampfireEregion
Cart-DriverBree-Land, The Midgewater Marshes
Cart-WheelGreenway, North Downs
Carved StoneBree-Land, Dead Spire
CatapultAngmar, Ram Duath
Catapult (East)Angmar, Mor Maudhul
CauldronGreenway, North Downs
Cauldron of DeathAngmar, Imlad Balchorth
Cave of the Slumbering BeastThe Grand Stair
Ceber LosMisty Mountains, Southern High Pass
Celebrian's LegacyVault of Arwen's Legacy
Cerin AmrothLothlórien
Cerin Amroth Meditation PointLothlórien, Cerin Amroth
Cerin BrethilLothlórien
Cerin NauthLothlórien
Chamber of KnowledgeThe Great Delving
Chamber of MazarbulZelem-melek
Champions BackdoorAngmar
Charred WoodBurnt Tor, Eregion
ChestBree-Land, The Midgewater Marshes
Chest (Loot)Lone Land, Naerost
Chest (Mining Map)North Downs, Thurum
Chest (Ost Galumar)North Downs, Ost Galumar
Chest of Glain VraigEttenmoors, Glan Vraig
Chest of Glan VraigEttenmoors, Glan Vraig
Chest of RelicsEvendim, Ost Forod
Chest of the BatEvendim, Tyl Ruinen
Chest of the Second MarshalEttenmoors, Glan Vraig
Chest of the WargEvendim, Tyl Ruinen
Chest of the WormEvendim, Tyl Ruinen
Chewed Fish BonesTrollshaws
Chunk of Noxious FungusNud-melek, The Sixteenth Hall
Circle of BloodHaragmar, Lone Land
Cirith DaurMisty Mountains, Northern High Pass
Cirith Nur EncampmentBree-Land
Cirith RhiwEvendim
Claw HollowRedhorn Lodes
Clear PatchEregion
Cloak of the Black RiderShire
ClorhirClorhir, Evendim
CocoonBree-Land, Marshwater Fort, Shire, The Midgewater Marshes, The Quarry, Old Forest, North Downs, The Snares, Angmar, Torech-i-Bogbereth
Cocoon (Gems)North Downs, The Snares
Coil of RopeForochel
Collection of Medium HidesBindbole Wood
Collection of Sturdy HidesBindbole Wood, Shire
Copper DepositBree-Land, Budgeford, Chetwood, Duillond, Shire, Vale of Thrain, Ered Luin, Haudh Lin
Cordofoneth's FlowerBree-Land, Old Forest, The Shifting Wood
CorpseAngmar, Bree-Land, Ered Luin, Old Forest, Ram Duath, Vale of Thrain, Annundir, North Downs, Dol Haedir, Evendim
Corrupted StatueEvendim, Tyl Ruinen
Cotton's CoopShire
Cracked ShieldZelem-melek
Crafting BunkerZelem-melek
CrateBlackwold Camp
Crate of HammersGreenway, North Downs
Crate of NailsNorth Downs
Crate of OreEttenmoors, Isendeep
Crate of SawsGreenway, North Downs
CrookdellEred Luin
Cruel Moria WeaponsLothlórien
Crumbling Pages of Ring-loreEregion
CT RubbleThe Great Delving
Curing BarrelForochel, Kauppa-kohta