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Lord of the Rings Online Objects - F

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Faint But Fierce MirrorThe Great Delving
Falconer's TowerNorth Downs, Fields of Fornost
Falconer's TowerNorth Downs
Fallen IceLothlórien
Fallen LogEttenmoors, Hithlad
Fallen PlaqueThe Great Delving
Fallen SamplingEttenmoors, Hithlad
Fallen SaplingEttenmoors, Hithlad
Fallen TimberEttenmoors, Hithlad
Family Heirloom ChestNorth Downs
Fancy Wood ChestEregion, The Library of Tham Mirdain, The School of Tham Mirdain
Fashat LaugNorth Downs
Father's HiltAngmar, Gorothlad
Fell Scrying PoolBeggar's Alley, Bree-Land, Bree-Town, Rivendell
Fennel SeedBree-land
Fertile SoilEregion
FilikulThe Waterworks, Filikul
Fine Clover HoneySouth Trollshaws, Trollshaws, Ered Luin, Falathlorn
First Goblin-CorpseThe Waterworks
First PaddleThe Waterworks
Flaming Deeps MirrorThe Flaming Deeps
Flat RockAngmar, Nad Nathair
Flat StoneMeluinen, North Downs
Flawless Scale of LhugrienLhugrien, Urugarth
Flower VaseBree-Town, Scholar's Stair
Food SackEttenmoors, Grothum, Hoarhallow
Food-CrateNorth Downs, Ost Crithlanc
Food-StoresAngmar, Donnvail
FootlockerNorth Downs, Othrikar
Forester's Lost PackBree-Land, Old Forest
ForgeBree-Land, Budgeford, Combe, Shire, Bree-Town, Archet, Bywater, Ered Luin, Thorin's Gate, Lone Land, Ost Guruth, Thornley's Work Site, Esteldin, North Downs, Trestlebridge, Angmar, Aughaire
Forgotten MonumentTrollshaws, Forgotten Monument
Forgotten TextOst Durgonn, South Trollshaws, Trollshaws, Minas Agor, Amon Varadh, Angmar, Donnvail, Evendim, Tollobel
Founding StoneEsteldin, North Downs, Minas Vrun, Ost Lagoros, Merenost
Fourth Goblin-CorpseThe Waterworks
Foxglove's BookShire
Foxglove's ParasolShire
Foxglove's TeapotShire
Foxglove's TwineShire
Foxglove's WineShire
Fragile Pages of Ring-lore Eregion
Frost-Rimed BrazierForochel, Kibilzahar
Fukz-zaharRedhorn Lodes, Fukz-zahar