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Lord of the Rings Online Objects - M

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Maenadar's CryptBree-Land, Tomb of Maenadar
Maggot's CoopBamfurlong, Shire
MailboxAnnunlos, Bree-Land, Bree-Town, Combe, Hobbiton-Bywater, Lone Land, Shire, Bywater, Ered Luin, Thorin's Hall, Ost Guruth, Thorenhad, Trollshaws, North Downs, Trestlebridge, Angmar, Aughaire, Rivendell, Spire of Meeting, Market of Rivendell, Esteldin, Forochel
Main Gate Into Goblin-TownMisty Mountains, Northern High Pass
MalbrethilLothlórien, Cerin Amroth
Mammoth CorpseForochel, Norsu-Hauta
Mammoth CorpseForochel, Norsu-hauta
Marshwater FortBree-Land
MeadowsweetNorth Downs, Snares, The Snares
Menelband CorpseEvendim
Menem-berejSilvertine Lodes
Menem-munzSilvertine Lodes
MerenostNorth Downs
Merillif's FlowerBree-Land, Old Forest
Merliff's FlowerBree-Land, Old Forest
Metsasta-sijaForochel, Metsasta-sija
MilestoneBree-Town, Bree-Land, Archet, Combe, Hobbiton-Bywater, Shire, Ered Luin, Thorin's Hall, Trollshaws, Thorenhad, North Downs, Trestlebridge, Angmar, Aughaire, Gloin's Camp, Misty Mountains, Esteldin
Minas AgarAngmar
Minas AngosAngmar
Minas CaulAngmar
Minas CiliantTrollshaws
Minas DelothAngmar
Minas DhemAngmar
Minas GularanAngmar
Minas MaurAngmar
Minas NirAngmar
Minas VrunNorth Downs
Mincham's GravesNorth Downs
Mine ShrineZelem-melek
Mirkstone TunnelsThorin's Gate, Mirkstone Tunnels
Mirror (Reflections of Rails)Durin's Way, Mustering Hall
Mirror in the MireThe Waterworks
Mirror, Mirror MirrorMenem-berej, Silvertine Lodes
MithrenostLone Land
Money BagShire
Moon Plaque ChestSilvertine Lodes
More Mirrors MirrorThe Great Delving
Morfil EntranceAngmar, Morfil
Morroval WorkshopDurin's Way
MoundMinas Vrun, North Downs
Mound of DirtSandson's Farm, Shire
Mountain BasilLone Land
Mushroom FieldShire, South Fields
Mustering HallDurin's Way