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Lord of the Rings Online Objects - O

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Oakheart's BushMisty Mountains
OC TunnelSilvertine Lodes
Oddvar's RuinsBree-Land
Of Arthedain And Its SettlementsEsteldin, Halbarad's Study, North Downs
Offering PlateFornost
Old ChestAmon Amrun, Fields of Fornost, North Downs
Old Greenway FortBree-Land
Old Odo's Leaf FarmShire
Old YeastShire
One More Marker StoneEvendim
Ongburz BannerNorth Downs, Rhunenlad
Onion Skins
Orange CrystalSilvertine Lodes
Orc BarricadeLothlórien
Orc FilthLothlórien
Orc Filth (Nimrodel)Lothlórien
Orc WeaponsLothlórien
Orc-LetterBleakrift, Lone Land
Ore-sampleHrizgur, Nan Amlug West, North Downs
Ornate Chest (Barad Durgul)Barad Durgul
Ornate Chest-pieceThe Great Delving
Ornate CofferAngmar, Imlad Balchorth
Orod LadenMisty Mountains
Ost BaranorBree-Land
Ost BrandrasOst Brandras, Trollshaws
Ost ChallNan Tornaeth, Trollshaws
Ost CrithlancNorth Downs
Ost CyrnLone Land
Ost DurgonnSouth Trollshaws, Trollshaws
Ost GalumarNorth Downs
Ost GorthadBree-Land
Ost GuruthLone Land
Ost HaerLone Land, Harloeg
Ost HerynEvendim, Ost Heryn
Ost LadenLone Land
Ost LagorosNorth Downs
Ost NuaranNorth Downs
Ost ThondolTrollshaws
Outer GatesLone Land
OvenBrockenborings, Rivendell, Shire, Bree-Town, Bree-Land, Combe, Bywater, North Downs, Trestlebridge, Ered Luin, Gondamon, Low Lands, Hall of Fire, Last Homely House, Angmar, Aughaire