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Lord of the Rings Online Objects - P

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Party TreeShire
Patch of FlowersBree-Land, Ered Luin, Falathlorn, Shire, Southern Bree-Fields, The Delving Fields
Patch of GrassEregion, Emyn Naer
Pea PlantAngmar, Fasach-Falroid
Peculiar RubbleEregion
Pedestal (Evendim)Evendim, Tyl Ruinen
Peikko DenForochel
PembarHigh Hollin, Eregion
Pembar RubbleEregion, Pembar
Perfect LilyBlooming Fens, Trollshaws
PeriwinkleNan Amlug West, North Downs
Pile of ApplesShire
Pile of Hard WoodBree-Land, Combe Lumber Camp
Pile of Ilex WoodDurin's Way, Eregion, Foundations of Stone, Moria, Redhorn Lodes, The Flaming Deeps, The Grand Stair, The Great Delving, The Library of Tham Mirdain, The Waterworks, Zelem-melek, Zirakzigil
Pile of Soft WoodBree-Land, Combe Lumber Camp
Pile of WeaponsSilvertine Lodes
Pile of WoodBree-Land, Combe Lumber Camp
Pipe-WeedBree-Land, Widow Froghorn's Farm
Pipe-Weed FarmlandShire
Pipe-Weed FieldShire, South Fields
Plaque of AriantEvendim
Plaque of ClorhirEvendim
Plaque of Echad GarthadirEvendim
Platinum DepositEttenmoors, Hoardale, Isendeep, Bruinen Source West, Misty Mountains, Angmar, Evendim, Northern Emyn Uial, Southern Emyn Uial
Pointy RockShire
Port of AnnuminasEvendim, Port of Annuminas
Pouch of YeastNorth Downs, Thurum
Powdered GypsumShire
Power CoffersNud-melek
ProduceBree-Land, Outlaw's Haven
Prunella's UmbrellaGreenfields, Shire
Puddifoot's FieldsShire
Puddifoot's FieldsBree-Land
Purple CrystalSilvertine Lodes
Puzzle-locketSilvertine Lodes
Puzzle-VaultThorin's Hall
Pynti-LeiriForochel, Pynti-Leiri