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Lord of the Rings Online Rhosthon's Flower

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NameRhosthon's Flower
LocationS 32.1, W 61.1
Found in Zones
Map of Bree-Land Click an Icon to Link


Map <2008-05-02 16:15:13>
Keldon <Guest>a Helpful guide howver a map of the old forest would be mor helpful for locating the flowers a little more acuratly

check in the dire glade <2008-08-30 22:07:00>
The Snowman <Guest>The coordinates provided will find you on the wrong side of the tree line. Find the dire glade (loop around the trees by the hill) and there it is, tucked tight against the edge of the clearing.

In Dire Glade <2009-04-17 01:23:44>
Sephiroth6903 <Guest>The location 32s, 61wwasa painto find but if you go 32.1S, 61.1W have no problems finding it

Map <2009-08-10 02:11:34>
Cegaiel <Guest>Heres a map of Old Forest

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