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Lord of the Rings Online Sigin-tharâkh

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Location10.4S, 101.0W
Found in Zones
Map of Nud-melek Click an Icon to Link


New location <2009-03-19 01:06:31>
ElTorqiro <Guest>This location is now no longer in the Redhorn Lodes as that location has been renamed Claw Hollow. There was a problem due to two locations having identical names but they have now fixed it. The proper location for the deed is now in Nud Melek at 10.4S, 101.0W. You can get to it by following the North-East exit from Redhorn and following the path.

Location <2010-01-09 21:53:37>
Toast <Guest>Yup, Nud Melek, 10.5S, 101.0W

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